Why Take a Testosterone Booster?

Why Take a Testosterone Booster What testosterone boosters do is apparent from their name; the raise testosterone levels. This is a class effect of this category of supplements and, while not all products have equal efficacy, they are meant to stimulate testosterone production from your body.

So, to clarify this from the beginning: Testosterone boosters (T-boosters) do not replace your own testosterone, they simply enhance your body’s capacity to produce more of it.

Beyond the technical talk though, what does it mean to boost someone’s Testosterone levels? What does the average T-booster user see from taking these supplements? Read on, to find out!

You‘ll become Stronger

Testosterone is synonymous to strength. There are several ways that explain this particular association, ranging from structural changes to the muscle fibers themselves, to workouts of extreme intensity.

The end result is all that matters; many elite athletes in various disciplines such ass football, baseball, track and field or weightlifting who use steroids will testify: more testosterone equals more strength.

Being stronger means doing bigger lifts, which results in increased muscle mass, which means even becoming even stronger and so forth.

The most important difference between steroids and T-boosters is that, the former work by substituting for testosterone, while the latter simply increase its endogenous production. And that’s a pretty big difference indeed.

You’ll become Bigger

If muscle gains are your goal, then maximizing your testosterone is what you need; optimal testosterone levels will have you gaining muscle so easy that you won’t believe it.

Granted, you won’t gain as much as regular steroid users, but still, you are expected to experience a gradual but also reliable and consistent boost in your muscle mass while taking a testosterone booster. And, as we said earlier, more testosterone means more strength.

Moreover, steroid users often see a substantial loss of lean muscle during their “off” season, because they gained all that muscle very fast in the first place.

On the other hand, if you continue to train and follow a high-quality diet while on a T-booster, your gains will be much harder to lose.

Less Fat

Besides building more muscle, testosterone has another valuable effect: it burns fat.  Notably, the dominant sex hormone in women, estrogen, which is often considered the opposite of testosterone, helps in storing fat.

This dual property of testosterone in effect means that, although you’ll be putting on muscle while on a T-booster, your weight will change only minimally, because at the same time you’ll be losing fat.

What you will accomplish is a total body recomposition: You’ll weigh the same but your image will differ radically.

Higher Drive and Motivation

The term “roid rage” is common amongst steroid users.  ‘Roid rage describes the state of ultra-aggression due to extremely high testosterone levels.

On the contrary, as T-boosters rather optimize testosterone levels than abnormally increasing them, the only change you are expected to notice is only small increases in aggression, which can actually prove beneficial; you’ll use them to train harder in the gym or perform better on the field.

In practice, you may only experience this “aggression” simply as higher motivation to perform, increasing, in the meantime, your confidence and concentration.

Heightened Desire for Sex

Being the dominant male sex hormone, testosterone not only increases strength but also defines the basic male properties.

Higher testosterone levels result in heightened desire for sex, which can be good, especially if your natural testosterone levels have been low recently and your sex life below average.

Actually, although most people start taking t-boosters to maximize their strength and muscle mass, many continue taking them because of their sex-related effects. You may consider this property a free bonus!

In case you fail to see any of the above effects while taking a t-booster, there are a couple of things you should consider:

  1. Bad product; what you bought was not what it claimed to be, probably due to low potency of the active ingredient(s).
  2. Your testosterone levels are very low, meaning that you are probably in andropause. This condition falls into the medical realm and can’t be remedied with a supplement; you should see a physician and probably consider HRT.
  3. T-boosters cannot work miracles; if your lifestyle is far from ideal, meaning that you are full of bad habits such as smoking, heavy alcohol drinking, little or bad sleep, no exercise etc., then you shouldn’t expect much from your supplement. Before a T-booster can help you, you should first help yourself.
  4. You are either overtraining or not training enough. Testosterone is good but can’t do magic. Your workouts should be both intense and efficient, to get results. Working too hard is as bad as working too little in the gym, results-wise.
  5. You are not compliant to the recommended dosage scheme. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not try to bend the rules. You will not get more gains by taking larger doses and you’ll certainly harm your progress by taking less, in order to make your supply lust longer.

If you get a prime quality T-booster, then it is almost certain that you’ll start seeing the difference when you hit the gym. Comparing how much you’ll benefit to how much you’ll pay for them, it is more than clear that T-boosters certainly worth their buck.

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