Weight Loss, What Do You Think About It

weight loss

If you eat less and move more you will inevitably lose weight. The concept of weight loss is logically, very simple. Yet in society today people are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their weight. Using mind training techniques along with diet, exercise and supplements can greatly increase your weight loss chances of success.

What do you think about the food that you use to fuel your body? How do you select your food and source of calories? Do you eat because you are hungry or is there another reason you choose to eat? Did you know that many people eat very unconsciously? They have no idea what they have consumed in a day.

Tip: Get conscious about your eating habits. Keep a food journal and be honest with yourself! Write down everything that you are eating and drinking each day for 7 days. Then review it. This will allow you to uncover where you can make improvements.

Pay attention to how you feel as you are eating. It’s common for an individual to keep going until they go past the point at which they were full. Slow your eating down and really chew your food. This makes it easier for your body to digest and process it. Make healthy choices and really enjoy what you are eating and that you are being kind to yourself.

Change your beliefs about food

Many people were bought up with a certain set of values that will not support you in your weight loss goals. For instance some families had the rule that you had to clear your plate before leaving the table. Or another old saying that is common is “waste not want not.” Let go of these old beliefs as they will limit you in your efforts to create a change for yourself.

Burning Fuel, Weight Loss

weight loss Find a way of burning calories that you enjoy. Increasing your output and the amount you move around is going to cause your body to burn more calories and that includes the stored calories that are in your fat cells. This is great news as that means you will lose weight and change your body shape. The more you move the more you will burn.

Engage in a workout regime or get motivated with a Personal Trainer. Find a fitness buddy to go to the gym with or someone you can go to the park and walk the dog with. Find a strategy that works for you that gets you up and moving.

Tip: Get a fitness buddy and schedule going to work out classes together or walking in the park, 2 or 3 times a week. Making a commitment to attend a class with someone else means you’re more likely to make it there.

Remember:  if you want to change something, then you have to change something! So start thinking about your weight management in a new way. Even making small changes will impact positively on the results you are getting. Give yourself a boost and make a change today. Weight loss, what do you think ?

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