Weight Loss Shakes – An Overview


Weight loss shake is a type of milk shake like beverage, which contains ingredients such as protein powders, fibers, minerals, and vitamins.  The calorie content in weight loss shakes is very low, which is one of the major features of these kinds of shakes. These are good substitute for normal meal such as lunch and dinner, so these are also known as weight loss replacement shakes.

Benefits of Weight Loss Shakes

Weight loss shakes are available in different flavors and tastes. You can also make it at your home by using weight loss shakes powders. If the shake is very thin, you can add low sugar pudding mix or frozen fruits for thickening the shake. Protein shakes are highly beneficial for maintaining body weight because it contains less calories. Weight loss shakes also consist of fat elimination factors, such as inositol, L-carnite, lechithin, guarana, and chromium.

The fiber content in weight loss shakes is also very high, so it is beneficial for the detoxification of your body. Fiber is helpful for accelerating the process of elimination of fat metabolism residues and it also helps to enhance bowel movement. Fiber is highly crucial for increasing the functions of trashing out waste substances from your body.

Weight loss shakes help to supply the right and essential nutrients in your body and they clean your intestine and prevent fatigue. These are also good sources of minerals and vitamins, which are highly essential for reducing your body weight.

Recommended Weight Loss Shakes

EvoShake Meal Replacement from Evolution Slimming contains a blend of whey protein, green coffee bean plus acai berry  to help you lose weight. The acai berry is a fruit native to Brazil which contains high antioxidants to boost energy levels and for optimum health. The green coffee bean extract became this year’s hottest weight loss supplement after being featured on TV several times for it’s effectiveness for weight loss and is regularly recommended by doctors.

We have to admit, not all weight loss shakes taste as appealing as they sound and drinking them can be hard to swallow – literally. The EvoShake has been carefully trialed and taste tested to be the most delicious tasting meal replacement shake you’ll ever try, no matter what flavour you choose. EvoShake are a delicious & healthy meal replacement to help you lose weight. [Click here to visit EvoShake page from Evolution Slimming]



The basic ingredients in weight loss shakes are fruits and vegetables. Mostly, green vegetables and antioxidant fruits are used as sources of protein. Skimmed milk, fat free yogurt, etc are the other ingredients in weight loss shakes.

However, some protein shakes contain some harmful ingredients, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. Though these are used in a safe range, excessive drinking of such shakes causes exposure to these toxins. Therefore, you should be very careful while buying weight loss shakes.

The shake you select must also contain nondairy probiotics, which is essential for improving digestion and immune system. Good bacteria and enzymes in the body are essential for breaking up food and absorbing vitamins and minerals. These are also beneficial for maintaining overall health in your body.

Sprouting grains, nuts or seeds is highly good for releasing more vital nutrients. However, most of the manufacturers keep away from doing this because it is a time taking procedure.

Consume the Right Quantity

Consuming the right quantity of protein is essential for reducing weight and keeping your body healthy. Excessive consumption of protein will create serious health problems and stress on kidneys. Weight loss shakes are good substitutes for meals but replacing more than two meals prevent you to get the benefits of healthy diet. Therefore, you should ensure to consume supplements with right foods for achieving your weight loss goal.

Selecting the right brand is also equally important. You can select one by checking the ingredients and reading reviews carefully. The right product can also be selected by checking the labels and talking with people who already use it. You can also consult your physician or dietician for selecting the right product. While preparing weight loss shakes at home, you can use yogurt, milk, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.

There are different types of nutrition and weight loss shakes in the market. However, it is essential to understand the difference between each shake for making a good decision. Meal replacement shakes are designed for replacing a meal and it contains high level of protein, carbohydrates, and calories. You can also find some low carbohydrate shakes, which contain low calories and carbohydrates.

Another type of weight loss shake is protein shake, which contain high amount of protein. Some companies offer some powder shake mix, which is coming with ready to drink option. Before buying such flavors and mixtures, you should make sure the ingredients and nutritional information in such products because these products contain different quantities of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calories.

If you are following a healthy food habit and exercising regularly, you need not worry about adding extra protein in your food. You can easily achieve your weight loss objective by burning more calories than you eat. It is also essential to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, etc. You should also keep away from consuming fatty, sugary and greasy foods.

Weight Loss Shake

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