The Penis Size – The Myth That It Does Not Matter

the penis size

Talk about the penis, many men are insecure about their size. Women keep saying penis size doesn’t matter, using such platitudes as “it is what you do with it that counts” or coming up with wrong scientific reasons why a bigger penis won’t more desirable (the popular one being that females don’t have sensitivity after 4 inches – this is not true), yet, we all know that the penis size does really make a difference when it comes to both sex, plus how the woman views you.

Consider it – if you think a bigger penis was not more sexually desirable so why do all male porn stars have big penises? How about male strippers women hire for the parties? Furthermore, in cases where a small penis was not regarded as inferior in terms of masculinity as well as general prowess, why would men and women make jokes about people acting a certain way or even driving a particular car to make up for having one?

The Penis - women would definitely love
In fact, many women would definitely love the men they’re with to be larger than average. (Click on image to enlarge)

Anytime women say that the penis size does not matter, what they really mean is that it does not matter enough to hurt your feelings over. In fact, many women would definitely love the men they’re with to be larger than average (or in some cases, just average would be good). Well endowed guys are seen as being better lovers, more confident people, and simply generally more desirable to women.

Fortunately, a small or average penis can be changed into a lot more impressive prospect utilizing a simple technique named traction. Traction stretches the penis naturally by simply holding it in the stretched position, that causes the cells multiply to accommodate the stretch. This is accomplished gently, so that it does not hurt, and can be performed at home with a penile extender which you only use for as long as you want. However better results are gained the more frequently you wear it.

Really amazing how some men currently take advantage of obvious benefits of increasing the size of their penises utilizing this simple and affordable method, however if you really feel down about your size or are involved about what the woman (or women) in your life think, it certainly is the option to try.

Get Familiar With The Penis Extenders

Perhaps the most common issue most men have is they are incredibly hell bent upon convinced that their penises do not measure up. They believe the penis size does matters, and to increase a few inches they don’t mind utilizing every means required. Though they do not shy away from attempting surgical treatments, it is usually not necessary thinking about the other options you have today. You can find effective non-surgical penis enhancement remedies and definitely one effective choice is to use a penile extender.


Scientific study has discovered that using a penis extender is definitely a better option when compared with unproved and risky ways of enlarging the penis. By using a ‘right’ extender you need to stretch the organ for a particular time through traction.

The focus here is on obtaining a ‘right’ extender due to the fact a lot of researchers also believe there are certain risks of tinkering with the penis size, particularly if you are going the extra mile to obtain a lengthier penis for vanity’s sake. It is a fragile organ so the wrong use of enlargement devices can disfigure it. Furthermore, the traction devices don’t seem to work effectively for males with functional problems caused by prostate cancer or birth defects.

If you are not ready to leave “it” alone, you might want to achieve some research, have a look at a few product reviews then choose a penis extender. The best extender will be the one that’s comfortable and that can also help shape the penis. It has to apply light pressure to your penis, stretching it so that will cause cells to split and multiply. Furthermore, you need to endeavor to pick an extender suitable for your body type; you might need a different extending device for circumcised penis when compared with what’s comfortable for uncircumcised penis.

The reality is when you know how to be great between the sheets, the penis size might not matter a lot. However if you actually want to add up to some inches to the penis, better off using a penile stretcher because it works much better when compared with some other treatments such as botox injections, exercises and vacuum devices. Besides, surgical treatments can only increase phallus size – the increase is often from half-inch to an inch. Then again, if you are using an extender, you have to choose the right one and use it correctly in order to avoid having issues like itching, pain and bruising.

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