The Easiest Way to Thicken Your Eyebrows

thicken your eyebrows

Ever wondered what exactly your eyebrows are there for? What is eyebrows purpose? Or even do you always treat eyebrows as the beauty accessories and make certain they are in shape day after day? The eyebrows exist to protect the eyes from sweat, dirt and foreign objects. Moreover, the eyebrows help express our feelings and emotions when we use them to show how we’re feeling, sometimes without meaning or knowing to. When we’re angry our eyebrows should certainly frown, and if we are surprised or shocked you will see that they rise.

A lot of women have the desire to have thick eyebrows since this helps draw attention to the eyes. Unluckily only a few have thick eyebrows and this could be because they are naturally thin or perhaps it can also be because you have over plucked the eyebrows. Whatever the reason for having thin eyebrows, there are some methods for you to thicken your eyebrows.

5 different methods that can help you to thicken your eyebrows

Method 1

Using the eyebrow stencil that meets your desired volume and shape for your brows, brush your eye brows up and outward with the eyebrow brush. Place an eyebrow stencil you have opted over your eyebrows. Using the eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil that is the exact same shade as your eyebrow hairs, fill in the stencil ensuring that not to miss out on any spots.

To make sure you fill the stencil, make fast, short lines in direction of the hair growth. Avoid making dark lines and heavy, because this looks unnatural. After complete, remove the stencil and pluck any hairs outside of the outline. In order to keep this look for longer, use clear eyebrow gel through your brows to hold them in place.

Method 2

When you’re next shopping for make up, treat yourself to a “thickening mascara.” Ensure you buy it one shade darker than your eyebrow hairs. Taking the mascara wand, erase the excess product using a tissue. As you would apply mascara to your eyelashes, stroke the mascara onto your eyebrows. You will see that the mascara thickens the hair, presenting the appearance of fullness eyebrows.

Method 3

Use the eyebrow extensions. Like the eyelash extension, the eyebrow extensions are quite similar and also they can be done in the beauty salon. This method accomplished by attaching artificial hairs to your eyebrow hairs with specific glue. The artificial hairs stick to the direction of your natural eyebrow growth and then you will definitely notice that they blend in with your hairs. You’ll see that the fake hairs fallout them selves after about 7 days.

Method 4

Buy an non-prescription products of eyebrow growth. These products generally contain ingredients like biotin and hyaluronic acid to increase the growth of hair.

Method 5

Apply Eye Secrets lash accelerator on your Eyebrows to assist provide them with that fully, enhancing look. The product not just works amazingly on eyelashes but Eye Secrets has been proven to increase your eyebrow growth bringing you a fully set of brows. This product has been clinically proven and will give you results within three weeks! The lash accelerator utilizes a non-irritating lash formula and could be applied whilst you are sleeping!

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