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Lowerol Review: Reduce LDL Levels the Natural Way

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Heart disease is the most common cause of death worldwide, and individuals with high cholesterol levels are two times more likely to have a heart disease-related crisis, such as heart attack or stroke, than people with normal levels.  It is common for American men to suffer from high cholesterol at as young as thirty-five years ....

Changing Your Diet to Reduce LDL Cholesterol

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A high level of LDL cholesterol in the blood increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes.  LDL (low-density) cholesterol is harmful, while HDL (high-density) cholesterol is actually beneficial.  Doctors recommend certain lifestyle and diet changes to keep LDL levels low in order to reduce the chance of health problems and promote a healthier lifestyle. ....
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Regular Cholesterol – Accelerate and Improve Metabolism of Fat

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It is today’s modern lifestyle that has big impact on creation of elevated cholesterol. It’s mainly due to unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, smoking, and other factors or harmful habits. Some of the factors you can’t influence, such as genetic predisposition, age or sex. Cholesterol is a substance in the fats of your blood, which ....