Studying with “Smart Pills”

College students feel such a need to succeed that they have begun taking prescription drugs and other psychoactive substances to stimulate their minds and get rid of fatigue, improve their concentration, and have more energy. This article will look at how smart pills work to enhance cognitive performance.

So-called “smart pills” have been around colleges for years. They are taken by students who stay up all night to study for mid-terms and finals, researching, and finishing their term papers and book reports. These “smart drugs” as they’re also known are more prevalent and popular than they’ve ever been.

Research from Switzerland shows that one in seven Swiss students is on some form of drug, legal or illegal, to boost their cognitive performance. This neuroenhancement is thanks to stimulations like amphetamines and methylphenidate, drugs commonly used to treat ADHD and to help people stay calm and focused.

Why are Smart Pills Popular?

Studying with Smart Pills If a perfectly healthy person were to take those kind of pills then they boost their attention, focus, and receive mental stimulation. This is why they are the drug of choice for people looking to memorize information and writer papers, along with the other needs of education.

The availability of these drugs, and the tolerance caused by taking them, is causing a drug problem that is quickly becoming out of control.

These memory-enhancing pills are the steroids of the college campus. Many students believe that taking these pills is the same as taking other, more socially accepted, stimulants such as caffeine, which is found in tea, coffee, energy drinks, and soda. Unfortunately smart pills have more side effects than a simple cup of coffee.

How do Smart Pills Work?

These smart pills are pharmaceutical-grade prescription drugs. There are other substances that can boost your brain without these negative side effects. They are known as nootropics or nutraceuticals. Nootropics used to refer to mind enhancement drugs but are now known as supplements that can boost the brain. Nutraceuticals are medically-beneficial supplements.

There hasn’t been any conclusive research on how these smart pills stimulate mental activity, but it’s been suggested that they affect numerous bodily systems at the same time. One thing they possibly do is stimulate blood flow to and from the brain, increasing the amount of oxygen the brain has available. Another possibility is boosting adrenaline which has the same effect as caffeine; working to keep you awake for longer.

There are other nootropics that seem to boost the levels of chemicals such as dopamine, a neurotransmitter that can lead to dependency or addiction. Smart pills can be highly addictive and may negatively affect the health of college students as the human brain continues to develop throughout the twenties.

Exercise Discretion

Dr Wen-Jun Gao, a neuroscientist with the Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia said, the human brain develops through the twenties and may still be developing in the 30s, especially the part of the brain responsible for decision making; the prefrontal cortex. While the release of brain chemicals can be enhanced by these smart drugs to improve motivation, memory, and learning, the effects are short term.

Gao also warns that any drugs that cause the release of certain brain chemical, such as dopamine, can lead to problems. It’s best to use discretion when it comes to these smart pills. It is worth mentioning that not all of these smart pills are going to turn people into drug addicts though, as not all of them are prescription strength pills loaded with additives such as chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavorings and colorings.

Be Smart About Smart Pills

As more and more people take smart pills, especially college students studying law and medicine, there are more and more counterfeit pills out there. When you buy a smart pill online you are exposing yourself to not just fake pills, but dangerous ones sold on the black market.

If you don’t buy a smart pill from a reputable manufacturer then the pill is likely to have no benefit it at all, and may actually be harmful to your health. When you purchase any pills online, even smart drugs, always only buy from a legitimate pharmacy. Only buy from legitimate retailers that have detailed information about the product, easy to use customer service, and shipping and return policies in place.

What Should You Do Before Taking Smart Pills?

Some smart pills are classified as dietary supplements rather than medication. As a result they aren’t regulated by the FDA. This does make them easier to get your hands on, because there’s no prescription necessary, but it also leaves you open to being scammed.

Always buy from sellers that offer money back guarantees, have legitimate contact details like a phone number, and label that can be verified.

Ensure that you only ever buy from a reputable seller. Do a little research and read reviews to find legitimate pills and legitimate sellers.

Also you should consult your doctor before taking a smart pill. Because they are classed as dietary supplements they should be safe to take as long as your doctor gives you the okay, you understand the positives and negatives of taking them, and you keep track of any side effects. Being smarter isn’t a bad thing, but it certainly is if it comes at the cost of your health or even your life.

Where Should You Buy Smart Pills?

Nootropics can be bought online in both powder form and pill form. Different medicines have different origins. Some of them are synthesised in a lab while there are others, such as NooCube, that are completely natural.

noocube smart pills As brain chemistry is different for each person not everyone will experience the same benefits to the same degree.

This is why we recommend that first time buyers always stick with the cheapest option to get a feel of the effects. Then you can move on to the more powerful and expensive drugs to get the enhancement you’re after.

It’s quite rare to suffer from negative side effects when taking NooCube and other nootropics. If you do experience any negative side effects then you should stop taking them and consult a doctor.

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