Scientific Facts: Pueraria Mirifica Benefits & Breast Enhancement

Beware if you take Pueraria Mirifica. You may find yourself with enlarged breasts! It is practically a side effect but today Pueraria mirifica is being promoted for breast enhancement. Various studies that have been conducted show that Pueraria Mirifica is beneficial for many medical conditions.

Pueraria Mirifica Plant
Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria Mirifica (often called Butea Superba or Kwao Krua) is a plant that grows in Myanmar and Thailand. Dr. Garry Gordon MD, who has visited Thailand for research, has reported that the area in which the plant grows is impressive due to the low rate of cancer of the breast and remarkable longevity.

He claims that this plant is 3000 times more powerful compared to Genistein and “Causes Red Clover and Black Cohosh” to seem like placebos. Mirifica means “miracle” and it comes as no surprise as this miracle plant from Thailand has proven to be effective as a new Herbal Rejuvenation Therapy (HRT).

The plant tuber consists of phytoestrogens like deoxymiroestrol, and miroestrol, which can only be found in Peuraria Mirifica. These are more efficient compared to red clover is flavones or soy, and are being investigated for potential use in treatment for hormone replacement.

The pharmaceutically used range is Black and Red Kwao Krua; as well as White Kwao Krua. The Thai authorities are supporting the industrial manufacturing of this product. In addition, they also support the many research on this plant.

How to Use Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria can be found in the form of powder, liquid, and capsule. Pueraria can be applied topically. For optimum results, take this supplement coupled with a drink or food that is rich in calcium, like almonds, sesame seeds, cheese, or milk since calcium helps improve the consumption of phytoestrogens, which are the key active substances in Pueraria and several other herbs.

The Health Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica

Several studies have been executed that indicate that Pueraria Mirifica is beneficial for quite a few medical conditions:

  • Weight Loss – Pueraria Mirifica is useful for reducing appetite, allowing you to obtain your desired weight.
  • Osteoporosis – This is a rather common condition in women going through menopause. Osteoporosis causes the bones to get brittle and weak, causing them to be more at risk of breaking. Pueraria Mirifica can improve the health of your bones, which can minimize the possibility of osteoporosis. It is believed that phytoestrogens in the plant are what helps combat osteoporosis. Using Pueraria combined with calcium would help fight osteoporosis even more.
  • Menopause – This condition leads to several different unpleasant symptoms, such as night sweats and hot flashes. A study was carried out in Thailand. A group of women had to take a Pueraria Mirifica supplement for a month. At the conclusion of the study, the women noticed a major reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. Actually, most of the women began to see a noticeable difference within seven days. Pueraria Mirifica includes an ingredient referred to as miroestrol. Scientists believe that this is the active ingredient for treating menopausal symptoms.
  • Low Libido – Pueraria Mirifica can improve your libido. Furthermore, it can improve vaginal moisture.
  • Improve Skin – This plant is good for the skin as it helps keep the skin hydrated and improve collagen output. This provides you with a healthier, younger looking appearance. In addition, it helps combat wrinkles. In 2005 a study was conducted between two groups of women. The first group was instructed to use an estrogen product and the second group had used a placebo. The results indicated that the women who used the estrogen product had fewer wrinkles compared to the placebo group. As mentioned, scientists believe that phytoestrogens as well as human estrogen have the same effects on the human body.
  • Aging – Pueraria Mirifica is ideal for combating the signs of aging. This supplement consists of miroestrol and flavonoids substances, all which have been proven to effectively fight the signs of aging. Users can expect to witness:
    • A reduction in cellulite and less gray hair
    • Improved memory
    • A boost in energy
    • Improved blood circulation

Breast Enhancement: Side Effect or Benefit?

Pueraria-Mirifica-Breast-Enhancement-Side-Effect While others may see this as a side effect, many women see it as an advantage. Pueraria Mirifica is known to enlarge breast. It is currently being promoted as a product to enhance women’s breast. The products can be purchased online. Furthermore, the best-selling breast enhancement creams use Pueraria Mirifica as the key ingredient. They have been a huge success, and it comes as no surprise, as girls have the desire for bigger, firmer breast.

Interestingly, all this has been discovered by science. Tests executed by Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University discovered that Pueraria Mirifica therapy had the ability to increase the size of the breast as much as 80%. Additional tests executed in England discovered that Pueraria Mirifica had an effective impact on the skin, hair, and the breasts.

Despite the fact that pueraria mirifica is natural and safe, there are several groups of individuals who shouldn’t take Pueraria Mirifica supplement: women that are pregnant and those that have cancer. Pueraria Mirifica contains phytoestrogens, it may affect periods including delaying menstruation. This is believed to be beneficial in decreasing the overall risk of hormone related cancers, however it’s still worth keeping in mind as a potential side effect that you might not be expecting.


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