How You Can Quit Smoking in Just 7 Days with EaseQUIT

If you’re ready to stop smoking in just a week, then EaseQUIT is the most effective and easiest way to get started. All those other things you use to stop smoking, like gum, patches, lozenges, and even e-cigarettes all contain nicotine. They actually contain the very same substance that you’re trying to abstain from. No wonder you can’t quit! In this EaseQUIT review, you can learn how it help you quit smoking in just 7 days. Yes, it is true! Take control of your nicotine addiction in only one week or you’ll get your money back.

EaseQUIT bioactive magnets don’t use nicotine and are also free of chemicals. Even so, they can help you to ditch your smoking habit for life. Here is the short summary of EaseQUIT benefits:

EaseQUIT review
  • Quit smoking in just 7 days or get your money back!
  • Quit smoking without the withdrawals and cravings that come with other products
  • Nicotine and chemical free stop smoking solution
  • No gums, patches, pills, or e-cigarettes involved
  • No need for refills, replacements or extras
  • Fast, easy and effective method to quit smoking for life

How does EaseQUIT Work?

EaseQUIT Auricular Theraphy Magnets is simple enough to understand. It uses a set of small bioactive magnets that are placed in the ear to help you stop smoking by stopping those nicotine cravings that are hard to resist.

EaseQUIT works through the use of auriculotherapy. This is essentially a form of “ear acupuncture” but there’s no need for needles. Auriculotherapy is your fast, pain-free solution to stop smoking for good. The magnets work by applying pressure to the auricle; a part of your outer ear.

This pressure stimulates nerve endings that release endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals that get released when you smoke a cigarette, why smoking feels so great, and why it’s so hard to stop.

Wearing your EaseQUIT magnets for around four hours a day is all it takes to release these endorphins and control your nicotine cravings without taking in any more nicotine or suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

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An Explanation of Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy is based on the Ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture and was created by a French doctor in the 1950s. Dr. Paul Nogier discovered that the ear was connected to every other part of the body and that, when you apply pressure to certain parts of the ear, you could cause a response in another part of the body.


These reflex points can be used to create nerve impulses that carry a message to the brain depending on where the pressure is being applied. These nerve impulses can be used for a number of things including managing pain and stress, nerves, and can even be used to help you quit smoking. One advantage that auriculotherapy has over acupuncture is that there are no needles involved.

Instead of using needles Auriculotherapy uses pressure, a process known as reflexology, applied to certain parts of the ear. There are also several ways to apply this pressure. One can use their fingers, with laser therapy, electrostimulation, a blunt tipped wand, an ear pellet, or, of course, magnets; which is what EaseQUIT uses.


How Do I Use EaseQUIT?

To use EaseQUIT just place the magnets on your ear as per the provided instructions. Leave the magnets on for around four hours each day for up to a week. You’ll soon feel that your urge to smoke is falling. Stop smoking altogether on the seventh day if you haven’t bought then. It really is that easy to quit smoking!

Can I Use the Magnets While Smoking?

If you’d like to then you can still smoke while using the EaseQUIT magnets but you’ll find that the cigarettes don’t have the same appeal that they used to. By the end of the week, you’ll find that your desire to smoke has completely subsided, and you can stop smoking without any trouble at all.

When Should the Magnets Be Worn?

The magnets can be worn at any time of day, though, to get the best results, you really should wear them when you’re feeling calm and relaxed. When you’re at home in the evening is a good time. Remember that they are magnets, so they hold themselves in place using magnetism.

Does Wearing the Magnets Hurt?

When you start using the magnets, you might notice a tingling sensation but overall, no, the magnets will not hurt once you get used to wearing them.

What About Side Effects?

Right now there are still absolutely no known side-effects relating to EaseQUIT. The magnets are covered using a 24k gold casing which will be enough to help protect people who have sensitive skin. Despite this lack of side-effects pregnant women, people with hearing aids and pace makers, or any other electronic medical device should not be using EaseQUIT. While the magnets can’t harm you physically, they can disrupt the normal function of these electronic devices.

Can EaseQUIT Really Work for Me? I’ve Already Given Up Giving Up!

easeQUIT Many of our customers who try EaseQUIT Auricular Theraphy Magnets have successfully quit smoking even though they’ve already failed to quit before. If you’ve given up on giving up then, you owe it to yourself to at least try EaseQUIT. Remember that you have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain. There are so many upsides to quitting smoking; least of all that you’ll live longer.

EaseQUIT also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find that you can’t quit, or you’re otherwise unsatisfied with EaseQUIT then just return the magnets to us in their original container within 30 days of when you received them. You’ll receive a full 100% refund on the purchasing price of the magnets, but we can’t refund shipping costs.

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