Penomet, The Winner of Venus Award and Sign Award


The phenomenal penis pump, Penomet has received several awards over the years and this year. We crowned Penomet as The Best Penis Pump Device 2013 on April 16th, 2013. Recently Penomet accept two awards; “Best New Product 2013” from the prestigious Venus award and “Best Male Enhancement Device 2013” from Sign Award. This indicates that the products that we recommend are truly the best, proven and fulfill customer satisfaction.

“The Penomet isn’t just a penis pump. The Penomet is light-years away from our competition, using cutting edge technology. Unlike any other pump, It is made only from medical grade materials. Our manufacturing process also has been awarded ISO Medical Certification 13485:2003 and our company is now fully ISO 9001:2009 certified,” said Mr. Agust Beaumont, managing director of Penomet LLC.

“Penomet is manufactured on scientific facts. And every millimeter of the pump’s body, safety mechanisms and gaiter where researched for over three years before production began. We’re very proud that we’re able to make Penomet the way we do, along with quality and functionality as the primary objective while making it still user friendly and easy to operate as this penis pump is only needing one hand to operate.” Mr. Agust Beaumont added.

Venus Award

The Best New Product 2013. Click here for full list of Venus Award Winners

sign award

Best Male Enhancement 2013. Click here for full list of Sign Award 2013 Winners

The Award Ceremony it self was held on October 18th at the Goya at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin, Germany. The awards presented by Mr. Borgmeier, the owner and publisher of Sign Magazine. “Thanks to recent breakthroughs recently and the latest scientific research about the male penis, the team at PENOMED LLC have been able to produce the Penomet, a penis pump that works as well with water” Mr. Borgmeier announced while Sign Magazine Editor in Chief Mr. Patrick, handed over the Award to Mr. Agust Beaumont on the stage.

“I was both nervous and excited, the award just goes to show just how much buzz our product has made. I believe that this award is just the first of many for the Penomet and we will definitely encourage our team of engineers and specialists to come up with even more innovative devices to help the men around the world to achieve their goals of a healthier penis”. Agust Beaumont said.

About The Fenomenal Penis Pump, Penomet

PenometThe basic version of the current product line-up of the PENOMED LLDC is Penomet Standard. which comes with a Force70 gaiter. The second is Penomet Extra that includes the same items as the Standard version, but it comes with 2 additional interchangeable gaiters, Force75 and Force65.

The Premium package, Penomet Premium comes with everything the company makes, such as all the five interchangeable gaiters from Force60 to the super strong Force80 and free extras, platinum service plus lifetime gaiter replacement guarantee.

Penomet Key Benefits

  • Guarantee to Enlarge Penis: If you think Penomet failed to bring you larger penis then you will get your money back. The only penis pump in the world to offers 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Versatility: You may use Penomet in the bathup, shower or while watching tv. You can also use Penomet as conversional pump.
  • Built Quality: Penomet cylinder is made from the toughest and unbreakable plastic, high quality polycarbonate plastic. Then, the Penomet gaiters are made from medical grade silicon.
  • Attention to Detail: Penomet really paid attention to the detail as every its cylinder has a precise measurement scale, in cetimetres and inches. the measurement scale imprinted in the plastic whilst the 360 pressure release value. This makes the pressure adjustment is a breeze.
  • Warranty: Penomet offers lifetime gaiter replacement warranty to every customer.

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