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Penomet is a premium and revolutionary premium penis pump device that uses unique and innovative interchangeable Gaiter System that allows the user to adapt Penomet for the optimum comfort, pull, pressure and results. We labelled Penomet as The Best Penis Pump 2016.

Penomet is a high grade, premium penis pump, engineered and designed by professionals with over 10 years experience of penis enlargement along with input from more than 1000 individuals worldwide. It makes sense the incredible Penomet, a water assisted penis pump that can be used during the shower, in your bathtub and also as a conventional penis pump.

With a lot of brand new innovations and real-life exams for over 2 years, the Penomet, the most sophisticated penis enhancement system in the world was born.

Included in the Package

The Penomet premium package we reviewed:

  • Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump – the actual pump, the main part of the device you attach the gaiters to, we chose the blue tube.
  • All Penomet gaiters – the complete set of 5 gaiters for different pressures, including the extreme workout gaiter exclusive to this pack.
  • A bottle of GunOil SHINE – A lubrication to use with the device.

penomet penis pump and gaiters

A lot of penile pumps use air pressure, but The Penomet uses water pressure. Precisely why? Studies show that the use of water pressure not only better, but also more efficient and more effective plus is not injurious, not like air pressure type penile pumps. It is because the water consistently distributes a “gentler pressure”, different from air that concentrates the pressure towards tip of penis which is hurts or towards the stem, which will cause tissue damage.

How Does The Best Penis Pump Penomet Work?

penis structure - penomet reviews The penis is divided into 3 chambers – 2 large ones on the top, that is the erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa), then one smaller chamber on the bottom which man urinate and also ejaculate from (Corpus Spongiosum). When you’re getting an erection, the brain releases a hormone, that sends blood to the penis, filling up the erectile tissue then the blood spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa fill to maximum, leading to an erection.

The maximum Corpora Cavernosa can fill will be the amount the blood vessels can hold. The great news is,the Corpora Cavernosa can certainly be developed larger and also stronger by using Penomet.

The more you apply the Penomet the bigger the vessels grow, approving a lot more blood to flow then fill the tissue. It is such as body building for the penis.

Try this simple experiment, place your lips on top of your hand then suck on it. After 2-3 seconds of sucking you will find that the part of the hand becomes redder. This is basically because the sucking motion utilizes pressure to pump in a lot more blood into the area! Now we know how that pressure affects the flow of blood. Penomet uses pressure to pump a lot more blood into the three chambers.

Whenever you place your penis into the pump, with water, it assists just like a protective layer to avoid your penis increasing unevenly (which is certainly the causes of damage with the air type penis pump). As water is pumped from the valve, your penis increases to fill the volume of missing water, which means that increasing the overall size of your penis.

That is precisely why Penomet achieves the “instant gain effect”. Variety of gaiters are what manage the power of the pump, then when used routinely over time in the steady enlarging program, the outcomes can be permanent.

Penomet System 100% Safe to Use

penomet gaiters

Penomet System comes with 5 different Gaiters (as shown in the image from the left: Force 60, Force 65, Force 70 (with Penomet Standard pack), Force 75 and Force 80. Every gaiters produce different pull which makes it easier for beginners and professionals alike to use and gain up to 65% faster when compared to using penis pump with a fixed gaiter setting. By gradually change week-by-week the gaiter you use (From Force 60 to Force80) you will definitely accomplish your desired outcomes much faster.

The Gaiter is the patented hydraulic piece of the unit, and the gaiter slowly and gradually over time releases pressure which means making it 100% safe to use. Even when you fell asleep with the device attached to the penis, it would still enable normal flow of blood inside your penis and so definitely not damaging any living tissue by any means.

The magic ingredient in the Penomet is water. You apply the unit while you are in the shower, in your bathtub or perhaps when you are watching TV! “How is it possible can you watch TV while using Penomet?” and the answer then is very easy.

When you master of using the Penomet, you are going to start to notice just how much water you will need to get the action going. In my personal experience I have just put a cup of lukewarm water into the unit while holding in the little button on Penomet then applied it on my flaccid, pumped several times then continue watching television or maybe continue whatever I was doing earlier.

Penomet Testimonials

Penomet was developed and is used all over the world as the preferred choice of Penis Enlargement by men, Penomet has received various customers emails and letters congratulating them of having invented this life changing device that has changed customers’ lives.

penomet testimonials

The testimonials are taken from Penomet official website.


If you purchase the Penomet from approved store, in selected countries, including the USA, you’ll get a “365 money-back guarantee”. This is the longest guarantee we’ve seen and of course definitely shows the confidence Penomet have with their product.


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Penomet is the best penis pump that provides the ability to increase the length and girth of the penis whilst also providing harder erections, increased sexual stamina and even the ability to help sufferers of Peyronie’s Disease. Penomet is also the industries only certified pump.

Penomet is unlike any other pump of its kind available today, thanks to its gaiter system that allows for a wide breadth of exercises to be undertaken to accomplish some impressive gains in penis length and girth!

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  1. My dear husband is a regular penis pump user. He pump his penis before sex. But now the pumping procession is over as Penomet does enlarge my DH’s “P” permanently, larger and larger. Don’t know when the enlargement process will stop. Gained almost 2 inches.. and counting.


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