One – The Natural Way to Clear Skin

How many products you bought to get rid of your acne spots, still not satisfied? Don’t worry, Clear Skin Max’s “One” is the answer to your prayers. Clear Skin Max is an effective treatment that comprises with the natural ingredients that works wonders for your skin. It is a multi-action liquid that you apply on your skin as drops.

The newly launched treatment by Clear Skin Max doesn’t only heal your acne spots but also nourishes your skin and helps in preventing any more acne outbreaks. It fights off the angry red skin and reduces inflammation, resulting in the clear and youthful skin. It has a nice texture and not at all greasy, with pleasant smell that lasts long on you.

  • Nourishes your skin
  • Reduces the redness of the skin and inflammation
  • Prevents infection
  • Consists of natural herbal extracts that heal your skin
  • Non-greasy and pleasant aroma
  • Fills acne pores and resists scarring

Easy to Use

One by Clear Skin Max is an easy to use product that comes with a dropper. Pour a few drops on your fingertips and apply over your skin and gently spread. You’ll feel an instant relief as your skin will soothe right after applying it. You may add extra drops whenever you see new outbreaks on your skin, this will help fight the new spots before letting them come out.

Ingredients of One by Clear Skin Max

One by Clear Skin Max doesn’t consist of any chemicals or any artificial ingredients that may cause damage to your skin in lieu of curing your acne.

All the ingredients are natural and pure:

Thyme: Most cosmetic products that are aimed at acne contain benzoyl peroxide as an important ingredient. But, One by Clear Skin Max contains the herb thyme which is way more effective on skin as compared to benzoyl peroxide. This herb has been discovered by scientists at Leeds Metropolitan University after they conducted a few experiments.

Calendula: Also known as marigold, calendula is known for its antibacterial properties which resist the spread of infection. It also contributes in the development of collagen at the affected area. This way, it promotes the production of new cells and removes dead skin cells, causing minimal scarring.

Knotted Wrack: This ingredient is particularly good for swellings and wounds. It encourages the formation of new skin cells in place of the dead ones and enhances the natural elastic ability of your skin. Not just that, it also improves the color pigments of your skin and moisturizes it.

Bilberry Leaf: Another great ingredient is Bilberry leaf that is enriched with tannin, also present in tea. Tannin with its anti-inflammatory properties works really well to calm down angry red skin. Another alternative for you could be the tea, but bilberry present in our product is higher in the concentration of tannin so obviously works better than tea.

Yarrow: Yarrow also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and fights against bacteria. It acts as an astringent agent on the skin due to the presence of tannins and salicyclic in it. It also helps in healing the skin with little to no scarring.

Witch Hazel: An antidote to swelling and inflammation, witch hazel is also an important astringent. It starts working right after applying it, reduces the redness of the skin and makes it appear softer and smooth leaving it less painful when touched.

Grapefruit seed: Grapefruit seeds are added to cleanse the skin. They are also good for controlling infections. They fight off the infections and leave clean and clear skin. They prevent infections from happening again and support other ingredients in the product.

Lemon Oil: Lemon is one amazing fruit that is used for various purposes. Lemon is so good for your skin that dermatologists encourage using it at home. With its antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, it is a wonder ingredient of One by Clear Skin Max.

Can you rely on One?

Acne can be really stubborn and chronic. You treat one affected area, and new pimples pop up in another area, especially when you allow bacteria to move easily over your body. With One by Clear Skin Max you can eliminate the inflammation as it kills the bacteria that contribute to the redness and inflammation of the skin.

One by Clear Skin Max will treat the irritation of the skin leaving it smooth and itch free, this way you tend to touch your skin or scratch it way less than before, thus, preventing anymore outbreaks that can happen due to the spread of bacteria. Applying One by Clear Skin Max also helps to heal your skin really fast and avoids scarring.

Permanent solution to your acne

Treating skin conditions is not all that you need to do, it is also important to make sure that they don’t reoccur. Use One by Clear Skin Max to be sure about that. You can use it with herbal cleanser and skin detox formula for best and quick results.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can only buy One by Clear Skin Max from Bauer Nutrition. They are offering a very real no fuss 60-day money back guarantee – just send it back within 60 days of buying it and get your full refund.

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