Massage for Breast Enhancement

Massage for Breast Enhancement

Massage for breast enhancement, it is possible? However, if you are seeking breast enlargement, you would be better off looking at other options. While you can go under the knife or be put under for enhancing your breast size, massage for breast enhancement seems to be the safest option. Surprisingly, less than 10% of all women who seek breast enhancement think about using massaging techniques. Most of them are inclined towards using surgery.

Why Massage for Breast Enhancement?

You may be compelled to ask why you should go for breast massage when there are effective alternatives available. The question is quite valid since the number of women who have achieved successful breast enhancement using massage is quite low. However, this is only due to lack of awareness among women about the right techniques.

In theory, massage for breast enhancement is also the easiest and most cost-effective way to enhance your breast size. You don’t need any external help as you can do the massaging yourself. All you will need is a cream or ointment that you can rub on your breasts before massaging them. That gives your hands a better grip and enables you to massage the breasts smoothly. Spending a few minutes every day massaging your breasts will deliver the results you are looking for.

One thing all women should keep in mind is that it takes time for massaging to produce results. If you expect a magical solution or overnight success, then you shouldn’t go for it. You have to spend the time and put in the effort if you want to get rid of the sagging breasts. The reward at the end is firmer breasts which you will love.

How to Do Massage for Breast Enhancement?

To ensure that the massage for breast enhancement is done in the proper way, follow the steps listed here.

  • Place the three longer fingers over the breast. Starting from the nipple, gently push downwards, moving your fingers slowly as you go along. Do not, under any circumstances, place excessive pressure on your breasts as it would only lead to discomfort.
  • Grab one breast with both hands. The best position for holding is cupping the breast. Hold it using both your hands but don’t apply too much pressure or it will start to hurt. Keep holding the breast in the same manner and start kneading it lightly with your fingers. Carry on for a few minutes and then repeat this process on the other breast.
  • From kneading, move to twirling. Again you should cup your breast with both hands. Instead of kneading, move your hands around the breast first clockwise and then anticlockwise. Make sure your grip is firm so the breast twirls when you move the hands. Repeat this motion at least ten times in both directions before moving to the other breast.
  • Place your palms flat out over your breasts. However, make sure that the fingers or any part of the hand is not covering your areola. Slide your palms downwards on the breast but be careful not to move them over your nipples. Doing so could spoil the shape of your nipples. Carry out this step at least ten times as well.

These are some of the massage for breast enhancement steps you can follow to enlarge breasts size. Make sure you use a lotion or any cream to keep the skin on your breasts moist while you are doing so. There are no obvious dangers or side-effects of massage for breasts enhancement but it does take some time to deliver the results. You can boost the effect of massage for breast enhancement by using Brestrogen, a natural gel for firming and enhancing the shape and size of your breasts.

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