Male Perspective on Female Breast Size

breast size Breast size for women don’t seem to be content. Some of them think they are too big while a vast majority thinks theirs are too small. This is the reason why around 300,000 women annually go under the knife to have their breast size increased.

The number of women opting for a reduction is much lower. Clearly, the trend is to increase the breast size, but why is it such an issue for women? The answer to that is the male perspective. Women often try to judge their breasts from an attractiveness point of view and how men would see them.

The data clearly shows that women think men prefer bigger breasts. That is why a lot of them are spending a lot of money and risking their well being to increase their cup size. But is that really the case? There is plenty of evidence and statistics available to gauge the male perspective on female breast size.

Correlation Between Attraction and Breast Size

What is it that makes males attracted to female breasts? One probable answer is that because they don’t have them. Ever since time immemorial, breasts have been one of the points of attraction for males. They are drawn in by boobs of all sizes, but it is difficult to put a finger on what size is the most attractive. The choice varies from male to male. Some of them have a weird taste, others have fetishes while there are a good few who don’t even care.

For females struggling to understand what the perfect breast size is, think about female attraction to a male’s sexual organ. The fascination and attraction is the same. The only difference is that breasts are far more prominent and visible. The current relationship status of a male has a huge influence on the size of breasts he likes. Here are a few examples.

The Bigger the Better for Single Guys

Single guys love them big. Guys who are single tend to prefer big breasts over small ones. The reason for this phenomenon is unknown but surveys have shown that this is the case. One probable cause is that guys hanging out with friends incline more towards ladies who have large cup sizes.

Size Doesn’t Matter In a Relationship

There seems to be an unknown rule between partners in a relationship. They are not to comment on each other’s sizes, which is why you don’t see men in relationships complaining about their girlfriend’s breast size.

As you can see, the relationship status of a male determines the breast size he is into. To be blunt, most guys don’t even care about the breast size. This is because most of them aren’t good-looking enough to have the girl of their choice. They have to make up for it with sweet talk, personality and other lovey-dovey stuff. Breast size goes out of the window when they find their true love.

Have you ever heard a guy say that he married a girl because of her breast size? It is true that firm and perky breasts make women look attractive and desirable but they are not the only thing a guy looks for in a girl.

Final Word

To males, the female breasts are nothing more than an attraction. They love looking at them, love fondling them and they are great during sex, but not much more than that. When it comes to male perspective on female breast size, there isn’t a one size for all theory here. The choice and preference varies from person to person. Some like small while some prefer huge ones.

For a female, it takes more than a pair of well-rounded boobs to be attractive to a male unless her target audience is purely guys who cannot get a girl even if their lives depended on it. You can make yourself more attractive by firming your breasts with natural gel, like Brestrogen.

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