Loving Your Body Despite Your Bra Size

Breast Size When it comes to low self-esteem, body image wreaks havoc with many women’s sense of self worth. Breast size, especially, rates as one of the most complained about body features. Whether they’re too large, too small, too droopy or uneven, women always find something to hate about their breasts.

Pop culture, movie stars, and air-brushed photos make women feel unsecure about their breast size and shape. Let’s face it; the majority of breasts shown in the media are augmented or airbrushed in some way in order to meet some sort of ideal breast image. However, very few people have movie-star breasts, and if you’re comparing yours to what you see on TV, you will no doubt find something you don’t like.

Learning to Love Your Breasts

Learning to love your body and your breasts despite their size involves a change in the way you think. Following are tips to help you cultivate a positive breast image:

  • Learn what real breasts look like. Most women have droopy or uneven breasts; one areola may be larger than the other or even a different color. It’s very common to have breasts that don’t quite match up to each other in size and shape. The ideal image of what breasts are supposed to look like is not real. Real women do not look like Hollywood movie stars. Even movie starts don’t look like that when they’re not airbrushed.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other women. If you don’t have an identical twin, you have no reason to expect to look exactly like someone else. Stop comparing yourself. Embrace individuality.
  • Find things you love about your body. You may not like your breasts, but what about your shoulders? Choose clothing that enhance your best features and make you look great. Don’t focus so much on what you can’t wear. Instead, think about what makes you look fabulous.
  • Change the way you talk to yourself. Instead of putting down your breasts in your mind, tell yourself positive things that you like about yourself. Focus on your eyes, your hair or some other feature that you like about yourself.
  • Get a good bra. If your breasts are small, push them up and make them look fuller with a push-up bra. If they’re large, make them appear smaller with a supportive sports bra.

Take Care of You

Maintaining a healthy body image involves a great deal more than convincing yourself to love your body. Take care of yourself by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. Drink plenty of water. You may not know it, but your skin looks older, more wrinkled when you’re dehydrated, and most of us are chronically dehydrated.

Do what you can to change your problem areas. Aside from surgery, there are ways you can change the way your breasts look. Losing weight often results in a smaller breast size. Building your chest muscle can change the way your breasts lay on your chest. Firming creams like Brestrogen can firm up sagging skin. Wear clothes that show off things you like about your body and hide the things you don’t. For example, a scarf tied at the neck is a great way to detract attention from small breasts. Dark, monotone tops make large breasts look smaller.

With so many things to worry about, your breasts shouldn’t be one of them. Learning to love your body despite your bra size takes work, but the work is worth it. An improved self image results in confidence. And who can resist a confident woman?

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