Liquid Diet Drops Review: Hormone-Free for Safe Weight Loss

Liquid Diet Drops (LDD) is a nutritional supplement that has the ability to suppress hunger while, at the same time, replenishes your power and energy levels and makes it easier to lose weight fast and keep it off, with the LDD diet.

Liquid Diet Drops Review:
  • Liquid Diet drops are not taken alone but along with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), forming together a program called Liquid Diet Drops Very Low Calorie Diet (LDD VLC)
  • Consumers in the USA who tried the program lost weight consistently, up to 1lb daily.
  • LDD is widespread in the USA and is now becoming more popular by expanding in the UK as well.
  • Hunger is not a problem during the LDD diet, because the product provides you with the necessary energy while keeping your appetite low at the same time.
  • Since you will be eating less calories, your body will use the stored fat as fuel, resulting in quick weight loss.
  • If you stay loyal to the program’s instructions, you will transform yourself in a way that you never thought possible before.

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We said it earlier; diet drops have become a new sensation in America, where some of their users report losing even 1 or 2 lbs on a daily basis.

The LDD VLC program incorporates several doses of LDD and a very low calorie diet –only 500 calories per day. You may wonder how it is possible to have diet with so few calories, but the trough is that your body draws at least 2000 calories from your fat stores, to use as fuel. Moreover, the limited caloric content means that some foods are off-limits, while others are a requirement, in order to normalize your body’s equilibrium of fat burning.

LDD Diet Drops are Hormone-Free

Liquid Diet drops are non-hormone substitute to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which is a medicinal product. It is recommend to not take hormones or even homeopathic remedies of the same products, as the hormone’s origins are often not known.

LDD comprises an elaborate mix of amino acids which act as neurotransmitters and stimulate the hypothalamus in the brain to fire-up the process of decomposing fat cells, switching the preferred energy source from sugars to fat. This process seems to take place when the body is under a strict hypocaloric diet. This is why LDD has to be used along with the Very Low Calorie Diet – hence the acronym LDD VLCD (you can read more about the VLCD further down).

The main features of the VLCD is large intake of protein, coupled with a restriction of carbohydrates and saturated fats for optimum outcomes. The energy window should be between 500 and 700 calories daily.

While promoting fat loss, the amino acid signals that were mentioned earlier, are also believed to preserve lean muscle mass. This way, your body looks healthier and more attractive overall.

Using the LDD Diet Drops

Place the liquid diet drops under your tongue by using the provided pipette device. Don’t swallow for about half a minute, to allow for the drops to be evenly distributed.

You should take the LDD drops two times a day; a convenient dosage scheme is every morning and evening. Remember to implement a VLCD diet plan at the same time.

The VLCD diet consists of three distinct phases, each employing different calories: Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization.

Each phase is equally important and users should adhere to its requirements while using the LDD drops. The amino acids in the LDD drops instruct a region in your brain called hypothalamus to release stored fat from fat cells, making it readily available as a fuel source. When you consume only 500 calories, this fat release is constant and your body is actually running on the previously stored body fat, consuming thousands of calories and, ultimately, slimming you down.

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Is the LDD Diet Necessary?

It goes without saying. If you want our product to work, it is imperative to adhere to the diet program, sometimes referred to as an ‘LDD protocol’. We won’t lie to you, it is DIFFICULT but, trust us, if you persist, it works WONDERS. The only way for it to fail is you not doing everything as you should.

cut-down-calories The main feature of the LDD diet is caloric restriction to about 500-700 calories every day, coming from high protein and low carb/low fat foods. It is important to keep fat intake to a minimum, to make your body switch to the stored fat in your body for its energy needs.

So, basically, this is the LDD mechanism of action; cut down calories, keep fat and carbs at a minimum and take LDD drops to program your hypothalamus to readily burn stored fat as fuel. This combination distinguishes LDD from other restricted-calorie diet plans: the weight loss doesn’t simply come from expelling water or muscle, because high protein intake makes sure that lean muscle mass is preserved, but mainly comes from burning the stored fat. To read up on the different LDD stages, please look at the table below.

We can’t stress it enough – LDD have to be taken along with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), or else your results will be minimal. Even dieting alone will have you losing weight, as it is normal, but LDD will keep your hunger limited while providing you with the required energy for your everyday tasks. Working out is not mandatory, but it always helps to get there faster.

The LDD Program

Results with the LDD product will only come if you adhere to the diet program, also known as the ‘LDD Diet Protocol”. Details follow in the table below.

LDD diet protocol

LDD Diet Summary

Even though not side effects-free, Liquid Diet Drops contain no stimulants, no hormonal or other harmful formulas that could affect your health negatively. It is extremely important to highlight that to see results you need to follow very low calorie diet program (LDD Protocol) when taking Liquid Diet Drops.

Customer Liquid Diet Drops reviews have been mixed. However, with over a thousand voter with avarage 4.5 stars (out of 5), it proves that the drops actually do work. LDD Liquid Diet Drops is not available at any local pharmacy store nor at any online health retailers. It can only be purchased at Evolution Slimming’s official website.

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