Is Surgery Going Out of Style?

surgery You’re wearing a hospital gown and lying down on a metal table—the room is cold and reminds you of a scene from CSI—in the morgue, where dead bodies are autopsied.  To your left the doctors are preparing their tools—a bunch of sharp objects that will slice you open any second….

It sounds like a horror film but really it’s the very last thing that someone sees before they undergo surgery. Then there are the worries—will I be put to sleep? Or will I be awake, able to hear and feel everything but unable to talk? The stress is so huge before surgery that many doctors will give you an anti-anxiety medication for the morning of your surgery.

All of this really starts to make you think, are the risks associated with surgery even necessary anymore? With an increase in science and a better understanding of how our bodies work, we are able to achieve the same positive results without the use of a knife or scalpel! Plastic surgeons are seeing a decline in patients perhaps because there are so many other alternatives now that are less invasive, and have no downtime or risks.


Facelifts can cost upwards of $50,000—that’s a luxury car or even a house in some parts of the world! That’s not the only reason the number of people getting them is in decline though. There are a lot of risks when someone is cutting into your face, nerves can become damaged making you unrecognizable or even destroying your facial communication skills. Facelifts often look too tight, as if you are petrified all of the time.

Alternative: Botox, the Liquid Facelift, Restylane, these are only three of the many available options that will take years off your face without destroying any precious nerves. While facelifts are on the rapid decline by 16%, these injection alternatives are on the rise.


The number of people getting liposuction each year is decreasing; in fact it’s down 43%. Any “simple” solution comes with side effects—with liposuction, it doesn’t matter how much fat you take out because it will just come back somewhere new. Some women have their entire bodies sucked of fat, only to find it comes back in their neck.

Alternative: With gyms on every corner and great diets flooding the market, there are a lot more options available now to help people lose weight. While back in the day those at weight loss clinics only prescribed pills, there are much more understanding and sustainable ways to lose weight and keep it off.

Breast Augmentation

Fake breasts are the most popular surgery that women undergo. Making our breasts larger has become a serious obsession in society. When padded bras are not enough to do the trick, many turn to surgery. With long recovery periods, high costs, and serious risks, there is a better way to increase the look and size of breasts.

Alternative: Our boobs are loaded with fat cells, when these cells are stimulated science proves our breasts actually grow. Massaging your breasts for a few minutes in the morning and evening is a great way to start seeing improvements. If you really want to see some growth I suggest using a breast enhancement cream like Brestrogen, when you massage twice daily.

One day in the future, surgery will likely seem rather barbaric. We might be put under but the risks and recovery periods still apply. Recovery times are no walk in the park either, for surgery-addicted individuals years are wasted ‘recovering’ in bed. There are much safer ways to improve your appearance today. There’s no need to take the risks associated with surgery, which is something our savings account will really appreciate.

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