Immune Boost, Improve the Quality of Hair, Skin and Eye

Immune Boost

The immune system is the body’s defense against foreign pathogens like parasites, bacteria and viruses. It defends us also against sick cells in the body.

If immunity fails or is harmed, it can cause various diseases – frequent colds, flu, allergy, arthritis and even death. Our body is equipped with a proficient immune system that defends us but this system tends to get lethargic if not given the appropriate boost.

Immune Boost is unique in it’s composition because it contains extracts from the roots of the two most effective types of Echinacea plants – Echinacea purpurea and angustifolia. In perfect harmony with the other ingredients – vitamins, bioflavonoids and especially zinc, which is huge immune stimulator mineral.

Immune BoostImmune boost has positive impact on many other bodily functions and organs in our body. Regular use can improve the quality of hair, skin and also support eye functions.

A strong immune system is the basis of good health. This system, however, faces many factors that weaken it on a daily basis (infections, pollution, habit forming substances etc.). Therefore we should not forget to support our immune system. There are many plants (medicinal plants) in nature with the ability to stimulate and strengthen immunity.

One of them is Echinacea whose leaves and flowers but mainly roots have this ability. The most effective Echinacea species include Echinacea purpurea and Echi- nacea angustifolia. Their extracts have a favourable influence on the prevention of acute and chronic pneumonia; they are effec- tive for influenza or tonsillitis and they protect blood vessels.

These are the exact components in the immunity support supplement – Immune Boost where they are combined with vitamin C, beta – carotene and a complex of bioflavonoids from lemons.

This nutritional supplements includes zinc which fulfils an irreplaceable role in a human body and in terms of immunity zinc develops and activates T – lymphocytes (a kind of white blood cells) which fight infection.

The recommended daily dose of zinc according to European Union standards is 15 mg. This is not always present in normal daily food. One tablet of the Immune Boost supplement provides it.

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