How to Make Your Hands and Feet Looking Younger

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How to make your hands and feet looking younger? We are all guilty of not paying enough attention to our hands and feet.  After all, they’re always on display — when you’re holding your cell phone; when you shake someone’s hand; when you’re at the table. While many of us are diligent with our facial skin care, we’re less careful when it comes to taking care of our hands.

Did you know that one of the first places to show a woman’s age is her hands? We take care of our face and neck, but our hands and feet are a forgotten appendage. Are your hands rough, cracked and dry with ragged cuticles and brittle nails? Or are they soft and smooth to the touch?

If you want to keep everyone guessing about your age, take care of your hands! You make sure to moisturize, exfoliate and apply sunscreen to your face and neck on a regular basis, but do you remember to do the same to your hands and feet?

Chances are good, if you’re like most people, the answer is no. Make today the day that you include your hands in your skin care regime so you can knock back a few years. With regular care, you’ll know how to make your hands and feet looking younger.

Tips to Make Hands and Feet Looking Younger


Our hands are on display all the time, from shaking someone’s hand, using our phones to undertaking simple shop transactions.  It is therefore vital we keep them looking their best.  To ensure that our hands are kept looking as young as possible there are some signs of aging that you need to watch out for:

  • Brown spots are a sign of previous sun exposure. This is why there are more spots on the backs of your hands as compared with the insides of your wrists.  Ensure that you don’t forget to use sun protection on your hands as well as the rest of your body.
  • Wrinkles on the skin are caused by thinning of the collagen layer. To keep the skin plumped up you can exfoliate the skin and use a good quality moisturiser that will not glog the pores.

Protecting and keeping your feet looking young and pretty is actually a very simple thing to do.

  • Ensure you remove all nail polish from your toes and try to do it with a remover that does not have the harmful acetone base. Chipped nail polish on toes is the first sign of a haggard appearance and getting rid of that will be the first way to get to young and lovely feet.
  • Using a foot file or a scrub stone to get your skin smooth again.  You can also try foot exfoliators which will remove the dead, dry layer of skin to emerge a new layer
  • Once you have smooth and renewed skin, it is time to soak them in your tub which will help remove any dry skin left on your feet and will give them a fresh, young feeling.

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