How to Gain Weight in the Breasts

gain weight in the breasts

You can isolate the parts of the body in which you want to gain or lose weight. Weight loss and gain occurs all over the body and the fat can be stored or burned from any part. Women looking to increase their breast size can do so through gain weight in the breasts.

Though there is no way to guarantee the weight gain would be specifically in the breasts, there are a few steps you can take to improve the chances. Overall, it is a safer and cheaper way to increase your cup size than surgery or other methods.

Biologically speaking, fat is one of the four components of breasts. As a woman gets older, more fat gets deposited into her pectoral region. Therefore, it is quite possible for a woman to increase her breast size through gaining weight. It is ensuring that the weight increases in the breast area which is the main problem. Here are some tips for you to follow.

Gain Weight in the Breasts:

Make Sure it’s Safe

Putting on weight in and around your breasts would mean there would be fat added to your chest. It could lead to complications and problems with your heart in the future. To avoid any such issues, get yourself examined by a doctor and get a consultation regarding what you plan to do. Only if the doctor consents should you go ahead with the weight gain. After all, getting bigger breasts isn’t more important than your heart health.

Add Some Calories

Gain weight in the breasts requires you to eat more. The best you can do is adding around 250 to 300 calories to your daily diet. However, instead of following the same three meal routine, it would be beneficial for you to break down your food intake into smaller portions. Consume five or six meals a day to ensure your digestive system works fine and the fat can be processed properly. Otherwise, it could lead to health problems as well as obesity.

Start a Workout Routine

The only way you will be able to direct the newly added weight on your body to the breasts is through exercises. You have to keep in mind that exercise won’t actually make your breasts grow but tone and firm them so they appear bigger. You would experience an increase in size, which is what women want. There are some exercises which are more helpful to gain weight in the breasts, such as

  • Chest Presses
  • Flys
  • Push-Ups

You can build your stamina and warm up with some light cardio, including walking or jogging followed by the exercises listed above. They are ideal for flexing your pectoral muscles, which are directly beneath the breasts. As they become stronger, your breasts get pushed upwards, appear firm and bigger.

Other Methods to Gain Weight in the Breasts

There are several other ways in which you can increase your breast size and improve their appearance. The most common is breast augmentation surgery, but it brings with it several risks. You can also go through hypnosis and visualize your way to bigger boobs. Comparing ‘gain weight in the breasts’ to the two, you probably would know that putting on weight is not healthy unless you keep it under control. Once you reach a certain weight level, you have to ensure that you don’t go beyond that.

If you think you can manage the weight gain without risking being overweight or obese, you can try weight gain in the breasts. To see better and quicker results, you can use a natural breast firming gel, such as Brestrogen, which makes your breasts firm, strong and perkier. It would help improve the results of gain weight in the breasts efforts.

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