How Does Tava Tea Compare to The Competition?


Yes of course, there are a number of other companies producing ‘Healing Green Tea’. However, not all green tea blends are created the same. You need to understand that like most products, you’ll find a huge range of quality, from cheap and cheerful to premium.

But maybe you want to look around for yourself, so before you go diving in and choosing a green tea weight loss blend, there are a few things you need to know. The last thing you want is to end up being completely disappointed and out of pocket.

When it comes to green tea’s, there are a couple of major things you have to take into account:

The tea used in the blend:

There are many different types of tea and it’s essential the correct ones are used to match the benefits you are looking for. Many brands just throw a few, non-researched green teas together, or worse still, they only use one tea and claim it’s as a premium blend. Obviously, it’s not.

So how can you expect it to deliver the results you are hoping for? The results you have read about? Just because the tea they are selling is ‘green’, doesn’t mean it has full healing or weight loss properties.

The tea’s used are all important. Don’t think you can cut corners on this, it makes all the difference.

The quality of the tea:

Be careful as there are some extremely low quality tea’s for sale out there. Low quality tea’s will not give you the benefits you are expecting.

Remember that Tava is made from 3 powerful, specifically chosen green tea’s, which have healing and weight loss benefits. These ancient tea’s have been used in China and Japan for 1000’s of years and their cultivation has been refined over the years to extract the most benefit.

Many of the so called premium green tea’s out there, contain a single tea, very low quality leaves, or worse still, ‘tea dust’. As the name suggests, tea dust is the powdery scraps of tea, as opposed to the full leaves. This is done simply because they are cheaper, yet the makers will still mention all the benefits. Even though these benefits are derived from the higher quality types of tea.

Many are not organically grown. Seriously, what’s the point in putting more unwanted chemicals and pesticides into your system by using non organic?

Also, many companies don’t know how to choose which tea’s work in harmony together, or which tea’s are perfect to get the results they are promising you. A little research and due diligence can ensure you benefit from these wonderfully healing green teas, rather than end up with nothing but disappointment.

Tava only contains organically grown, full leaves of the highest quality

These leaves are packed into high quality silk tea bags. All the tea’s used are harvested traditionally to ensure the full power of the leaves are intact.

The tea’s in Tava are certified organic, in fact Tava has both CERES and USDA Organic certification. Simply because it defeats the object if you are adding more pesticides, chemicals and poisons to your body.


Any other alternatives?

Yes there are. But although exercise, diets, pills are all established tactics for weight management, you can at least try Tava first as it’s just so easy and convenient.

There’s obviously nothing wrong with an exercise program, in fact Tava Tea will work wonders when combined with one, but you don’t have to exercise to benefit from Tava. And let’s face it, slogging away in a gym can be intrusive with your time if you’re busy or have a family to look after.

Low fat diets are all the rage, but unfortunately for most people, all their favourite foods have fat in them. Diets are fine, but so difficult to stick to long enough to see any real results. You don’t want your weight loss efforts to feel like torture. If they do, you’re far less likely to stick to them and see results.

Then of course there’s the popular low carb diet, made famous by Atkins. However, this is not as easy as you think to stick to. Once you work out what you can and can’t eat, the thought of all the chicken, fish, beef, bacon, sausage, steak, lamb, milk, eggs and cheese you can seems appealing.

But then it dawns on you that you have very little you can eat WITH all the lovely protein based foods. With rice, pasta and bread are rationed, it’s not nearly as easy as you first thought.

With dieting, you have to find one to try out of the growing range, sort out your food for the week, hunt down everything you need at the supermarket, prepare separately from the rest of the family, unless they are all on the same diet!

And what about when you eat out? Dieting isn’t easy.

You could also try a group dieting program like Weight Watchers. Still inconvenient, but let’s add intrusive too. Discussing your weight and success/failure with others can be very off-putting for many people.

And as with all diets the counting calories part isn’t easy. A chocolate bar and a sandwich might have the same calories, but what about their nutritional value? There’s a massive difference. All calories are NOT created equal.

Then of course we have the countless diet pills available online. Chitosan, Alli, Hoodia, Ephedra, Phentermine, Lipobind, Proactol, Acai Berry . . . the list grows every day.

They sound great but many people find these products upset their stomach and leave them feeling on edge, mainly because they contain stimulants like caffeine.

They certainly aren’t completely natural in the way that Tava Tea is.

Drinking tea is the ultimate in convenience. You can just replace your usual tea or coffee with Tava. Watch as your unwanted pounds melt away and feel great at the same time.

Let’s just recap on what makes Tava Tea the best choice:

  • Burns 2.5 times more of your calories than standard Green Tea.
  • Reduces the fattening effects of the carbs you eat.
  • Calms your mind & body.
  • Great source of antioxidants which help to fight the signs of aging.
  • Completely natural. Grown organically. Nothing artificial. Just as nature intended.
  • Works in harmony with your body. Zero nasty side effects.
  • Totally convenient. No calorie counting or starvation diets.


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