Fitness Training without Affecting Breast Size

Breast Size Generally women are afraid to commit wholly to a training program for fear that their breast size would change. This notion has been created by the fact that women who exercise and practice strength training are portrayed as having flat chests in the media. That makes women apprehensive about putting in the effort to tone their body as it may change the size of their breasts. However, there are some ways in which women can train without worrying about its effect on their breast size.

Settling the Argument

Before discussing anything else, it is important to note the composition of the breasts structure and how fitness training affects their size. Your fears about changes to your breast size can be allayed by a simple fact: fitness training does not affect the breast size directly. In fact, training cannot affect the size of your breasts.

This is because the structure of the breasts is made up of tissues, fat, glands and ligaments. There aren’t any muscles or bones in there the shape and size of which could be affected through strength training. The muscles which do get toned through fitness training are the pectoral muscles in your chest. They are directly beneath the breasts and when they get firmer, they lift your breasts.

The size of your breasts depends on the fat content in the body. Fitness training is for your muscles, not the fat stored in your breasts. The bottom-line is that you should not worry about fitness training affecting your breast size. There are no direct effects that can occur.

 Breasts Appear Bigger

One major reason why women have this misconception about fitness training causing their breasts to change size is because the breasts become firmer and toned after working out. Some exercises, especially pushups and weight lifting exercise the pectoral muscles in your chest. As mentioned above, when the pectoral muscles are worked on, they lift your breasts. Due to this, your breasts appear bigger and perkier.

In hindsight, this should work to your advantage as no one particularly likes saggy breasts. The thing you do need to keep in mind is that fitness training won’t change the size of your breasts. That totally depends on the fat in your body. Unless you are gaining or losing fat, there is no reason why the size of your breasts should change.

Why Do Female Bodybuilders Have Flat Breasts?

Coming back to the main point, the idea that fitness training affects breast size sprung into ladies’ minds because of what they see on TV. The female bodybuilders who appear in programs or ads all have large chests but flat breasts. What you have to realize that they follow extreme workout routines and some of them use supplements to build muscles. If you are following a simple routine, you won’t end up with a body like that.

How to Avoid Breast Size Changes?

Still, it is possible that the fitness training leads to a reduction in fat in your body. That would lead to a smaller breast size yet at the same time your breasts will become firmer. There is a way you can avoid changes to your breast size. The ideal body fat percentage for women is 12%. If the percentage falls below that, there is a chance your breast size would decrease and vice versa.

To make sure you maintain a healthy fat level, eat plenty of healthy fats while maintaining your caloric intake. If you reduce eating or keep eating at the same level, the muscles you build would reduce the fats in your body leading to smaller breasts. Your diet is the way you can manage to avoid any changes to your breast size.

While fitness training would tone your pectoral muscles, making your breasts firmer, you can enhance their appearance with a natural firming gel, Brestrogen.

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