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5:2 fast formula review

Intermittent fasting is very good to improve your health and weight. With the new 5:2 Fast Formula, the only diet supplement that designed for 5:2 diet, now fasting becomes a lot easier. The 5:2 fast diet (or 5 and 2 fast diet) has really become one of the most popular diet plans available, with many people and celebrities preferring it over all the other methods of weight loss.

Yet despite all of the positive claims there certainly is one issue concerning the 5:2 fast diet, and that is sometimes you cannot keep your cravings in check on fasting days. Thanks the 5:2 Fast Formula these cravings no longer ruin your chances of achieving your weight loss targets.

Utilizing this fasting supplement you’ll be able to to find sticking to your diet plan a lot easier than before, as well as your body won’t be missing out on the essential nutrients that are usually missing throughout the fasting period.

What is 5:2 Fast Diet?

The brand new diet craze that causing a frenzy in media and stepping into the spotlight is 5:2 diet also known as 5 and 2 diet, the 2 day diet, the Mosley diet or alternatively 5:2 intermittent fasting.

The concept of intermittent fasting first originated and also became popular in the United Kingdom and extends through out Europe and USA. The 5 and 2 diet plan is sweeping the nation quickly.

Dr. Michael Mosley, a medical journalist who first stirs up the 5:2 diet craze among the entire world with a BBC TV documentary describing the ground-breaking science behind the 5 and 2 diet.


The 5 and 2 diet includes mini fasting for 2 days a week. On these specific 2 days a maximum of 500 calories is permitted for female then 600 calories is permitted for males. Then on the other 5 days you eat normally. It will help the body burn fat naturally so you can slice the calories in no time, which would resulted in weight loss.

Is the Fasting Diet proven?

Regardless of the doubts still surrounding the 5 and 2 diet there certainly is increasing evidence to suggest it’s an efficient way to get rid of the excess pounds. A particular study on intermittent fasting (Kroeger et al. Nutrition & Metabolism 2012) was very promising.

Through the study 30 obese females were asked to eat low-calorie liquid meals for six days of the week with a fast for remaining day. After the 60 day research had determined the women had lost 8.8lbs on the average with a 6cm reduction from the waists.

There has been a research that has revealed how fasting will help to trigger the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The American College of Cardiology in New Orleans has revealed a 1300% boost in HGH production, with a 2000% increase in male. HGH will help you to maintain well being, physical fitness, longevity and that can improve muscle growth.

5:2 Fast Diet Benefits

Difficulty with the Fasting Diet

As the Fasting Diet is still relatively new there is little known about any potential negative effects. Nevertheless there have been states from people who have experienced insomnia, irritability, anxiety, bad breath and dehydration.

difficulty with the fasting diet

One particular major issue might stop you achieving your weight loss goals is actually wherewithal to control the food and calorie intake on the fasting days. Unfortunately despite this diet claiming that you may eat a normal diet for five days of the week there are people who take this as ‘eat just as much as you can.’

What you will really find is whenever you can’t use a little moderation on non fasting days than the overall calorie intake will likely not decrease this means you won’t see the outcomes you would expect.

You may even discover that on the fast days the energy levels aren’t as high as they could be and also you are likely to experience food cravings, which is where the 5:2 Fast Formula could help.

5:2 Fast Formula Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

The primary ingredient in the 5:2 Fast Formula is Konjac Root. Here’s what it does:

  • Slows  Konjac Root down the way the body absorbs the cholesterol and sugar
  • Allows you to feel full because of the water-binding abilities
  • Reduces the insulin and blood sugar levels through slowing down gastric emptying and reducing sugar release into your system

However Konjac Root isn’t the only ingredient. Copper, Iron and Vitamin B in the 5:2 Fast Formula are just as essential. They help you to provide all the required nutrients that you would otherwise lose on fasting days. Additionally they trigger the body to breakdown stored fats much faster by converting it into energy.

Copper, Iron and B Vitamin

In case you are concerned about side effects, they’re none. Instead, you are going to feel a lot better during fasting, simply because you will still have nutrition in the body and the levels of energy are up.

How Does 5:2 Fast Formula Work?

Now you know the advantages and also the ingredients in this product, probably you need to know how does it work. The 5:2 Fast Formula allows you to feel full mainly because it binds water. The water holding capacity comes form the Konjac root and that is one of the most widely known dietary fibers. It makes a gel that delays gastric emptying plus lowers insulin levels and blood glucose. It can make blood pressure lower. All of this makes it is ideal for people who have diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

5:2 Fast Formula stages

Become a Fat Burning Machine!

fat burning machineWith the 5:2 Fast Formula and the 5 and 2 diet combined you’ll become a fat burning machine without fail. Not only going to be losing fat by the diet, but  the formula also supplements your body with the minerals it needs to breakdown the excess fat.

Moreover, the formula itself aids to control blood sugar level and the insulin levels enabling you from turning energy into fat on non fasting days.

Shortly, you will be at your ideal weight plus enjoy all of the overall wellness benefits that come with fasting with out feeling as you are fasting.

What People Say About 5:2 Fast Formula?  5:2 fast formula testimonials


Classification: Fasting Supplement

Effectiveness:  5 Stars

Reduces Hunger:  4.5 Stars

Increase Energy:  4.5 Stars

Any Side Effects: None

Scientifically backed: Yes

Price: $54.45  (for 1 month supply)

Special Offers: $178.35 (for 6 months supply)

Value for Money:  5 Stars

Overall Rating:  4.5 Stars

5:2 fast formula

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