Enlargement Exercises for Penis – Everything You Need to Know

enlargement exercises

Penis enlargement exercises have been around for a long time and over the years this natural means of lengthening and thickening the shaft has been a proven method for many men who have used it. Enlargement exercises do not only allow for increased penis size but addresses a fundamental problem which many men completely overlook.

The overall health and general conditioning of the penis is generally ignored although it plays such a vital role in male sexuality. This oversight by many has made this technique one of the most under-rated in the industry; however, its value should not and can not be disregarded.

The main challenge from using the exercises is that it requires direct intervention and involvement of the user. Many find this cumbersome and in order to avoid that challenge will look to enhancement supplements to get the job done.

The thing is that supplements (e.g. pills) on their own are usually (not always) ineffective for successful penis growth. There are no fast or easy ways to getting the job done and a well defined workout plan is a pre-requisite to ultimate success.

Depending on how intense or advanced the exercise program is, 15 minutes to an hour may be required to complete a full routine. For best results this routine must be carried out several times a week over a few months period and the level of commitment and dedication would determine how much gains are actually made.

How do the Penis Enlargement Exercises Work?

Enlargement exercises are very effective at bringing about change to the size of the penile shaft. The various exercise techniques are aimed at providing stimulation to the spongy tissue (corpus spongiosum) of the penis. There are a wide array of free penis enlargement exercise guides, ranging from jelqing to stretching, but they are all aimed at providing stimulation to the penile tissue.

enlargement exercises - corpus spongiosum

The penis is not composed of muscle fiber but the spongy tissue of the penile shaft behaves like muscle when it is under stress. If you visit the gym on a regular basis you would realize that the muscles that are targeted during your workout will become stronger, larger, and firmer; and this is the same principle that is applied when increasing the penis size using exercise.

This results in increased blood flow into the spongy tissue and also causes expansion and division of the cells in that area. Expansion of the cells provide more free space for blood to fill up while division of the cells when placed under stress from the exercise results in increased length and girth. This is all that is required for a bigger, fuller penis and depending on the exercise technique being used focus can be placed on gaining increases in either length or girth.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement Exercises

Some may disagree but the manual aspect associated with enlargement exercises and the wide range and types of exercise programs that are available to users make it one of the most versatile techniques out there. It provides a level of dexterity and maneuverability that is second to none because of its hands-on approach to getting the job done.

The ability to place focus on either lengthening or widening the penis is another prominent advantage of using enlargement exercises. Other benefits which can be derived from using enlargement exercises are as follows:

Increased Blood Circulation – This is crucial to the enlargement process but that aside, like the pill and the patch, this has the effect of enhancing the overall health and fitness of the penis. Those who suffer from temporary impotence and can also benefit from this improve blood supply and circulation.

Enhance Erection – Even when ED is not a problem achieving and maintaining a full and firm erection over an extended session can be a challenge for most men. Enlargement exercises not only help with that regard but also helps reduce on recovery time after ejaculation. The ability to attain a full erection soon after orgasm can do wonders for the sex life of both parties.

Penile Straightening – Some men suffer from curvature of the penis (peyronie’s) to some degree or another. In some cases this could present quite a problem during intercourse. Because of the versatile of penis enlargement exercises it can be used to correct such a problem without having to opt for surgery which can be quite expensive.

Confidence – Elevated self-esteem is always a positive by-product of having a larger, healthier penis and this can do wonders for even the most reserved and diffident individuals.

How Safe are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Although penis enlargement exercises are natural techniques there are still some risks associated with the practice. As with anything else if special care and precaution is not used there could be adverse effects from using enlargement exercises.

It is not unusual for individuals to over endulge in an effort to see results in a short space of time. This impulse can be a rather dangerous one and the resultant damage to the penis can at times be irreversible.

Scarring is perhaps one of the most common symptoms that you may have gone too far with your efforts. In some cases scarring may result even when moderation is used and should be looked into at the individual level. Some of us are more susceptible and should be able to judge for ourselves when we have done enough. In more serious cases blood circulation could be restricted instead of the more desirable outcome of being increased.

Just as penis enlargement exercises can be used to correct penis curvature, it can also be a cause of the problem. Improper use and execution of exercise techniques could lead to permanent disfigurement and undesirable bending of ones member.

In extreme cases where individuals have completely thrown caution to the wind, damage to erectile tissue and blood vessels could occur.

It is not unusual to find that after an intense and thorough exercise session that there is some soreness and weakness of the erectile tissue. In fact you may not be able to attain a full erection for an hour or two after completing your workout. This is all healthy and normal as the tissue usually requires some recovery time; however, if this weakness is something that persist over an extended period of time then you may need to review the intensity and safety level of your workout program.

Penis enlargement exercises are unquestionably the best method to enlarge your penis with minimum side effects and high guarantee on results. However, be sure to read and implement all the instructions that come with whatever penis enlargement exercises programs that you choose to avoid mishaps.

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