Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery

enlarge breasts without surgery How to enlarge breasts without surgery or make your boobs look bigger without stuffing? There’s no longer the need to stuff your bra with tissue paper.

Padded bras are all over the market. Even bathing suits come with pads, shirts, and leotards do too. When breast implants are not an option we look towards the faithful padded bra—for some girls, maybe even two. The only problem is, if we meet a nice enough guy, what happens when those clothes—and multiple bras—have to come off? I heard a guy say once that he’d rather girls not wear padded bras, because the disappointment when the bra comes off isn’t worth it.

Padded bras also let us down in the dress department, it’s hard to find a dress that fits without a chest to fill one out — and no high-tech padded bra is discrete enough to fit underneath.

Due to the complexities padded bras create; people often get breast implants to solve the problem. For others, the risks and costs associated with surgery keep that option out of reality. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to enlarge breasts without surgery—or padded bras! Not only will these 4 tricks boost your breasts in clothing, plan on looking bustier sans clothing as well.

Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery, Try These tips:


Turns out, bronzer is not just our best friend when we want a summer time glow, bronzer can also increase the size of our breasts. Select your favorite bronzer and say hello to instantly fuller cleavage.

Here’s how:

  • Swipe bronzer onto a full, bushy makeup brush.
  • Swipe bronzed-brush between breasts, brush up through cleavage and make an upside down L shape with the bronzer up and above both of your breasts. This will give you new definition that will make your breasts appear more full and perky. Make sure to blend in everywhere so that it looks like shadows and not just orange lines.

Work Out

Take some hints from your significant other and hit the local weight room. If you’re single, make it into a great way to meet new guys at the gym. Building pectoral muscles seems a little manly but these muscles located directly beneath our breast tissue are key to getting a bigger bust the natural way.  By bench-pressing just the bar or only a small amount of weight, your muscles will lightly begin to develop. Overtime, this exercise will turn your breasts upward and increase your cup size up to 1 whole cup.

Have Tan Lines

If tan lines don’t bother you, I highly suggest them for making your breasts look plumper in the nude. Not only because of the stark contrast between dark and light skin, but because the lighter in color something is, the larger it appears. When we are tan we actually look 10 pounds slimmer, following the same set of proven logic, a tanned breast looks smaller as well.

Breast Enhancement Cream

The best option to enlarge breasts without surgery is by using breast enhancement cream. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding breast enhancement creams but the thing is, they really do work to enlarge breasts without surgery. If one consistently applies the topical-treatment from an FDA-approved brand such as Brestrogen, their fat cells are going to increase in production, which will thus pump up the bust!

The simple act of massaging your breast is good for stimulating the fat cells, adding a breast enhancement cream to the mix will really get your breasts growing. In fact, some women experience an increase in 2-cup sizes, while most increase 1-1/2 cup sizes after 6 straight months of use. It depends on your body how large or fast your boobs will grow, just as nature intended it. Brestrogen can enlarge breasts without surgery.

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