Diet Pills to Avoid – Banned List of Unsafe Weight Loss Supplements!

The list of 5 dangerous diet pills that should totally be avoided. These supplements have been banned as they can be dangerous for your overall health!

From the time they were first introduced years ago, diet pills have grown to be popular amongst people who are determined to lose weight quickly. If taken a look at all the benefits that these pills have to offer (at least on paper) there is no doubt that they truly seem impressive.

In addition, these weight loss supplements are designed to make the user lose weight in a short amount of time, without the need for following a strict diet and exercise program. Furthermore, you can get these weight loss supplements at an affordable price which is why they are more appealing to the weight conscious.

However, in their quest to achieve fitness, most people who desire to lose weight overlook the dangerous adverse reactions that some of these diet pills can result in and the following detrimental effects they could make one experience.

Why You should Avoid Diet Pills?

Diet pills can be dangerous
Diet pills can be dangerous. Consult your doctor and do research before making use of diet pills.

Weight loss supplements can be dangerous for your overall health not only due to the formulas they are dependent on, but in addition, as a result of the mixture of substances they use. Through the use of inexpensive and chemically induced substances, manufacturers trick individuals into purchasing products which are filled with toxins.

Although using these types of weight loss supplements may lead to losing a few pounds at first, these results are usually short-lived and users find it difficult to keep the weight off.

The good news is that most (if not all) dangerous diet pills have been banned by the FDA. However, there are still some online sites that sell these unsafe diet pills. Therefore, it is important to pass on further information regarding the dangerous side effects of specific diet pills.

Hence, to be able to spread awareness with regards to a few of the most dangerous weight loss supplements which ought to be avoided because of the adverse reactions they carry, we have compiled a list of 5 dangerous diet pills that should totally be avoided.

5 Most Unsafe Weight Loss Pill Ingredients

The following is a listing of the 5 most unsafe diet pills that should be avoided at all times, do not buy pills that contain these ingredients, read through our list of the best natural products that are safe and natural to make use of over a short time period.

1. Dinitrophenol (DNL)

Sometimes called DNL, Dinitrophenol, often called a chemical pesticide, is a weight loss supplement that can negatively affect your health. This diet pill was designed in the 1930’s to help remedy obesity; it had been banned from the market because of the serious dangerous side effects it produced. Even so, these days DNL can be found in the market.

Available in the form of a capsule, DNL looks the same as any other weight loss supplement from the outset. Having said that, future dieters must be cautious of making use of this diet pill because it has brought on many deaths, worldwide.

In fact, based on a study publicized by the Journal of Medical Toxicity, Dinitrophenol brought on 62 deaths in 2012 alone. Among the deceased was Sarah Houston, a young medical student who had been a recovering bulimic.

2. Ephedrine

A diet pill which can be obtained without prescription, Ephedrine, is a dangerous product which has been proven to result in a number of dangerous effects. Often called Ephedra, it is efficient at causing weight loss by stimulating the metabolism rate.

3. Herbal Xenicol

The adverse reactions of making use of Herbal Xenicol are lack of sleep or insomnia, heart palpitations, and intense stomach pain. The conditions previously mentioned are rather serious and can result in hospitalization if the symptoms continue.

4. Phentermine

Among the most beneficial weight loss supplements ever developed, Phentermine, also known as Phen, is a hunger suppressant that is incredibly good at causing weight loss. For this reason, Phentermine was used by many serious dieters in their quest to slim down.  However, because it is usually the case, there’s always a particular questionable aspect of these kinds of weight loss supplements and it was no exception with Phen.

Based on a number of studies, making use of Phen in the long run resulted in a wide variety of harmful side effects such as high blood pressure because of the adrenaline rush, abdominal problems, and nausea. Furthermore, Phentermine also results in the contraction of heart problems. The product is banned by the FDA, however, not in the UK as this product was still available there in  2013.

Fortunately, a group of researcher has found the safe alternative to Phentermine that only contains substances which are naturally found in your body and this product is manufactured in FDA pharmaceutical registered labs.

5. Sibutramine

Another weight loss supplement that was banned in the USA and UK, Sibturamine is a diet pill which is created using a combination of dangerous ingredients proven to cause a number of detrimental adverse reactions like palpitations, seizures, nausea, and cardiovascular problems.

Although it is available for some time now, the product was eventually banned, resulting from proof that its use caused heart problems. Despite the fact that Sibutramine is banned in several places with strict health policies, it is still sold in other forms like Reductil and Meridia. It has been recently determined that the diet pill Kangmei also uses Sibutramine, discreetly.

Therefore, while there are several companies who claim to have the best  weight loss solution, such claims shouldn’t be accepted without consideration. It is recommended that users first do research before making use of diet pills to determine if it is safe as well as to learn about the side effects that these supplements include.

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