Dendrobium Nobile Extract in Phen375


Dendrobium nobile extract is derived from orchids. It has been applied in Chinese medicine for several generations. Traditional Chinese medicine uses this extract to improve digestion and appetite and treat a variety of medical conditions such as eye problems, infections, cancer, diabetes, fever, and thirst.

This extract is now used as one of the main ingredients in dietary supplements. The supplements are used before workouts to improve physical performance. This extract is native to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Himalaya, and Thailand.


Dendrobium extracts contain a variety of alkaloids including dendramine, dendroxine, and dendrobine. According to scientific research dendrobine has antipyretic and analgesic properties. There are some concerns that the extract contains phenylethylamines, which can have the same properties as amphetamines. Dendrobium has some phenythylamine derivates, which are believed to improve moods.

DMAA Replacement in Phen375

Dendrobium Nobile extracts is considered a safer replacement for dimethylamine (DMAA). Dimethylamine is a stimulant, which targets the central nervous systems. It was a popular ingredient in weight loss and pre-workout supplements. However, the Food and Drugs Association raised concerns about DMAA after several complaints from users.

It is a synthetic ingredient and it is believed that it has harmful effects in humans. This has forced supplement manufacturers to explore new options. Dendrobium is a natural supplement therefore it is considered a safer alternative to DMAA. Dendrobium nobile extract is now available in Phen375 fat burner pills.

Mood Elevation

One of the effects of dendrobium Nobile extract is mood elevation. The extract helps to improve moods because of the phenylethylamine derivatives. This component helps to boost your moods and improve focus. However, when it is taken in large quantities, you will experience some elation. It is important to note that the extract works differently depending on the individual. Some users notice improved confidence when they use supplements, which contain dendrobium Nobile extract.

Improve Metabolism

The extract is a type of stimulant but it does not limit blood flow. A high metabolism is necessary to attain weight loss. This ingredient helps your body to burn more calories as you work out, which allows you to lose weight.

Recommended Dose

The appropriate dendrobium dose is determined by a variety of factors such as existing medical conditions and user age. There is limited scientific evidence on the amount of dendrobium nobile extract that you should take. This is a natural ingredient but that does not necessarily mean that it can be taken in large quantities.

It is important to follow the instructions on the supplement bottle. You are also advised to consult your physician before using supplements, which have this ingredient. In most cases, you are required to take between 6 and 12 grams of any herbal medicine in within 24 hours. This extract is just one of the ingredients that are contained in pre-workout supplements therefore users only consume a small amount.

If you are in training, it is advisable to use the supplement between 30 and 45 minutes before your workout. However, if you want to use it for weight loss, it works best when taken in the morning before breakfast. Take the supplement about half an hour before the meal. You can either use the extract as a supplement on its own or select a product that includes it as one of the active ingredients. It is now widely available in most of the pre-workout supplements and fat loss aids.

Dendrobium Nobile Extract Side Effects

There are limited studies on the chemicals that make up this extract. Studies on human subjects are yet to be carried out. According to the American Herbal Products Association, dendrobium is a safe ingredient as long as it is taken in appropriate doses. However, this ingredient stimulates the central nervous systems therefore some users may experience anxiety, insomnia or dizziness.

It can increase seizures in individuals who suffer from the condition because of its effect on the central nervous system. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the extract because there is no scientific evidence on its effects on babies.

Dendrobium nobile extract has offered a natural alternative for DMAA and it has proved effective at improving athletic performance and general physical performance. It is also used for weight loss because of its capacity to boost metabolism. However, there is still very little known about the effects of the alkaloids found in the extract. Caution is important when taking supplements that contain this extract especially for people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

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