Breast Trends: Are Big Boobs Out?

Big boobs out? I heard a story the other day about a chesty woman who was in Victoria Secret browsing through the lingerie when a sales clerk approached her, asking if she’d like to try one of their breast minimizing bras. A breast minimizer? The woman was caught completely off guard, aren’t you supposed to want to make your boobs look big?

According to Vogue’s indecisive opinion, large breasts are only in style some of the time and recently… not so much. In fact, taking a look at the leading ladies of style—it’s more about the small-medium size chest in Hollywood these days. Those celebrities that dare to go too big often find themselves out of work!

Small and Perky

To get a good idea of what is currently popular, take a look at the most famous and highly recognized celebrities of today. Naturally what we see in the media is what we want for ourselves—the beauty of marketing. Sex symbols are no longer big chested Pamela Anderson; instead they are Meghan Fox or pop star, Rhihanna. Or what about the ‘breast angels’ themselves—the models with wings from Victoria secret, who almost all have moderate to small breasts!

Big Boobs

Kate Hudson, for example, got breast implants so small I’d guess them at under 100 CCs. Perhaps when balloon breasts were popular, they were rare enough to be appreciated but now, with so many sets of twins blown up like Dolly, it’s the smaller chests standing out.

As the popular faces we see on TV decrease the size of their breasts, Surgeons have also noted an overall decrease in the cup size women are wanting. Instead of huge boobs, we now love small and perky breasts.

Big Boobs, Big Problems

Super huge boobs (think bigger than DD, harder than a rock) come with so many added problems that perhaps our love affair with them was bound to end.

Big boobs add weight to your frame, weight your body isn’t necessarily built to handle. Many women have increased back pain and other discomforts due to lugging their breast implants around.

A few years back, when The Hills filled our television screens with its endless drama, Heidi Montag went from an adorable girl next to door to something else entirely. After undergoing 10 cosmetic procedures, not one person came out and said she looked hot, instead the world turned their back on Heidi and hubby, Spencer Pratt—sending them and the giant jugs into unemployment. Realizing the ‘bimbo’ route didn’t work; Heidi is now trying to change her image. She told a reporter that, “Obviously I wish I didn’t’ do it. I would go back and not have any surgery.”

While overly large boobs are out of style, round and perky boobs certainly are not!

The Good News

For those of you with DDD implants, the consensus isn’t all that good but for everyone else, this is great news. In order to have breasts that look like the sex icons of today, you no longer need to undergo painful, expensive and dangerous surgery. While celebrities like Kate Hudson can afford to have their breasts surgically enhanced less than one-cup size, the average person cannot.

In order to achieve that perfect perk all you need to invest in is a Grade-A breast enhancement cream, such as Brestrogen. Massaging this cream into your breasts two times a day will increase your breast size, allowing you to have all of the perks of bigger breasts without any negative side-effects.

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