How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

breast-implant-cost How much do breast implants cost? Many people wrongly assume that the breast implants cost only include the price listed on the brochure. As soon as you get into the process, you quickly learn that there are many costs associated with breast implants that most never see coming.

Overall, there are 6 major costs you must be prepared to afford if you plan on getting breast implants, it’s not just the surgery itself you need to make sure you can afford before undergoing this procedure.

Due to the high costs associated with breast implants, it’s recommended to look into other options for increasing your chest size. If the following costs seem crippling to you and your budget, an enhancement cream such as Brestrogen will be more affordable and is proven to increase breast size.  While the results might take 6 months, compared with the couple hours it takes to insert an implant, this is one of those things that are worth their wait.

So, How Much Do Breast Implants Cost?

1. Consultation

Before you have surgery, you will have a meeting with one or more doctors to discuss your goals, pricing, and options. This consolation costs anywhere from $50 to a couple hundred dollars. It’s recommended that you check out a number of surgeons before making your decision but in order to do this you have to be able to afford multiple consultation fees. While this fee is almost always carried over like a down payment on  your surgery costs, it is almost never refundable if you don’t decide to go with that surgeon.

2. Surgery

The cost for surgery is only for surgery—the payment to the actual doctor who will be cutting you open. This is the price listed on the websites and brochures for surgery costs.  Breast implants usually cost somewhere between $4,000 and $8,000. Costs largely depend on where you live and the notoriety of the plastic surgeon you select.

3. Anesthesiologist

As their title suggests, these are high-paid and highly trained individuals with a very important job. They must get you fast asleep so that you don’t know anything that is going on during the procedure. The anesthesiologist doesn’t just administer the drugs and leave, they must stand by throughout your entire surgery in case something goes wrong– like you wake up. This is an added cost on your surgery bill, due on or before the day you are operated on. It usually costs at least $400 and can go all the way over $1000.

4. Pain Meds

After surgery the pain is not pleasant, it feels like a large truck has been parked on your chest. Walking around is difficult and after a week of being in bed, there’s no other to go to sleep but to pop a pain pill! If you don’t have insurance, these pills could cost you a good amount of money and they really are necessary.

5. Missed Work

Recovery time is about 6 weeks, although if your job is a lot of sitting or standing, customer service, sales, you could be back to work within one or two weeks. For 6 solid weeks though you will be useless to lift more than 5 pounds and you will potentially still be on pain meds which could jeopardize the quality of work you produce.

6. New Bras

With breast surgery comes a much different set of breasts. Even if you hardly go up one-cup size, the actual breast will never work in the same bras you once wore. In order to have bras again, you’ll need the money to start your collection all over. At least this time you won’t need the pricier ones that come with padding.

7. Future Costs

Some implants are covered within 10 years of popping, but you’ll have implants long after this and there’s no guarantee you’ll be covered before. Therefore, if complications occur after your surgery you will need to see a doctor and if you can’t afford this, implants could cost you a lot more than big boobs will ever provide.

Even if your implants are in great shape, it’s recommended that you have them redone every 10-20 years; if you get implants young enough these costs could really add up throughout your life.

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