Breast Enlargement Through Hypnosis: Is It Possible?

Breast Enlargement Through HypnosisBreast enlargement through hypnosis: is it possible? fact or fiction? The general notion regarding breast enlargement is that surgery is the only way to do so. No doubt that breast enhancement surgery has proven to be effective but its reliability and safety are under a cloud.

Regardless, over 250,000 women undergo surgery every year at great expense and risk to their health and wellbeing. Keeping that in mind, there is a much safer alternative available which unfortunately not many women are aware of: hypnosis.

At first, you might dismiss the idea that hypnosis could lead to breast enlargement. This attitude is common across the female population with a majority scoffing at the very possibility. However, it has proven to be true and many women have achieved the bigger cup size they wanted. In three separate studies conducted on both sides of the Atlantic, medical experts discovered the power of visualization. They found that people could build muscles just by thinking about it.

How Does Breast Enlargement Through Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works at a subconscious level. Most of the thoughts and actions you have during the day are done by the conscious part of your brain. You might be surprised to learn that the conscious part makes up only 2% of the brain. The rest is all subconscious. With hypnosis, the therapists are able to tap into the brain’s reserves and stimulate it to help you visualize an end goal, in this case breast enlargement.

There are three stages of hypnosis for breast enlargement.

1. Relaxation

The hypnotherapist helps you relax by putting your conscious mind to rest. You are hypnotized so that your subconscious mind can take over. The effect of the hypnosis would be to bring your subconscious mind to forefront and have it dominate your conscious thoughts.

2. Visualization

Visualization is the second and most important stage of hypnosis. It is here that you will start seeing the bigger breasts of the size you aspire to have. Only when your mind is relaxed is proper visualization possible. In essence, visualization is akin to a movie or a series of images. You have to visualize the bigger breasts to convince your subconscious mind to accept them. Only then will it work towards achieving that goal.

3. Suggestion

Throughout the process, suggestions are provided to you. Since your subconscious mind is in control, the message reaches the deepest echelons of your brain. From there, your mind begins to think that have bigger breasts was the idea from the beginning and does not cause any hindrances along the way.

Remember that you have to train your mind to believe that you need bigger breasts. Once the mind is able to accept the idea, your subconscious mind would start working towards creating them. You will begin noticing the difference in your breast size as early as a couple of weeks.

Does Hypnosis Work Universally?

There is no doubt that hypnosis is an effective and safe method of breast enlargement. But does it work in all conditions and for everyone? The answer to that is no. The increase in size you can expect through hypnosis is marginal. For instance, you cannot grow from an A cup to a DD just by thinking about it. It is quite possible to go from A to AA or even B but beyond that is expecting too much.

Regardless, this method is harmless as compared to surgery. Hence, there is less risk of any damage to your health or body. You can boost your chances of achieving the very size you want by using a natural breast firming gel. Try Brestrogen to give your breasts a firmer and perkier look. You can use it to tone your larger breasts once the hypnosis is complete.

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