Micro Penis, What are The Best Options and Treatments

micro penis

Micro penis is an extremely small penis that measures about 2 centimeters for a new born baby and under 4 centimeters for an adult male. Fortunately, micro penis disorder is relatively rare. No more than 0.6% of total male population suffers from micro penis.

What causes micro penis? The main cause for a micro penis disorder is the low secretion of prenatal androgen, a hormonal like testosterone responsible to developing male characteristics. Because of this low secretion, the fetus doesn’t have enough “resources” to grow the penis completely.

Another essential cause is that the fetus failed to react to the male hormones secreted so therefore penis growth is affected. One other reason for a micro penis is a insufficiency inside the human growth hormone.

micro penis
Micro penis affects man’s self confidence.

No matter what the reasons for a micro penis, it is still a well known fact that little tiny penis impacts on man’s self confidence and self image. A micro penis causes sexual activity difficult and due to this fact the possibilities of having a baby is very much reduced.

What is the best treatment for micro penis?

Well, what are the options or what can a man do if he has an upsetting micro penis? Here are 4 ways he can handle this stressful issue:

1. Go for penis augmentation surgery or phalloplasty.

This is actually a risky option. Phalloplasty may or may not work though. The human penile is partially hidden by the pubic bone and partially visible. The things that a phalloplasty surgery do is making the hidden part more visible so that the penis hangs more on the outside. Phalloplasty is a dangerous option that can have serious negative effects like having the penis pointing in the wrong direction!

2) Use a penis stretching device.

This is a worthwhile option as a penis stretcher is an effective way to increase the penis size. Penis stretching device works on the traction principle that simply means parts of the body expand if a traction force is used for enough time in order to encourage tissue growth. Orthopedic specialists have long utilized this principle for treatment of people who have limbs problem.

3) Do penis enlargement exercises together with penis supplements.

This method is not clinically proven however many evidences can be found in public discussion board where males claim it works. Based loosely on the traction principle, penile exercises stretch the penis and stimulate growth. The pills supply the nutrition similar to protein pills provide nutrition for bodybuilders.

4) Live with it

Well, it is not really an option but a life philosophy. Accept reality if you fail to or are definitely not willing to improve what is given to you personally. Sometimes in our life, acceptance is good as it could relieve some stress. In fact, life is a lot bigger than just having a large penis.

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