Review: The Benefits of Using SizeGenetics Long Term

There are some good extenders on the market, but SizeGenetics leads the pack. Good results come after using it regularly for a certain period of time. As is the case with all similar products, it needs time to prove its worth. The device itself is comfortable and well-constructed, and it is also accompanied by a pretty good warranty: If you are unsatisfied with the results you get from using it for 6 months, they offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

SizeGenetics The manufacturer claims that SizeGenetics does the following:

  • It improves on the curve of the penis
  • It increases the penis’ length by 1 to 3 inches
  • It enhances girth
  • Because of these enhancements you will see a major boost in your self-confidence.

By my experience, I can validate these claims. As far as length is concerned, I found myself bigger by 1 inch at the end of the 6-month period. This means that if I continue using it, I will be able to achieve the 3-inch mark.

Regarding penile curvature, I am not qualified to judge the product’s performance, because I wasn’t concerned with this issue. Finally, I got to see improvements in girth too, although I attribute these to the special exercises that are described in the corresponding segment below.

Why SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics was my personal choice because of their amazingly long market presence, which, in turn, has built an impressive reputation for the product.

Well-respected health professionals such as physicians and plastic surgeons have publicly endorsed the product to date, whereas it earned a CE certification for a Type 1 Medical Device. This is an achievement that only a handful of companies have to display; it also means that the product has gained approval to be used in surgery, treatment and physical therapy.

For the reasons above, combined with my extensive research, I decided to use SizeGenetics.

For example, research conducted from the University of Turin in Italy, has found that, although the number of high-quality studies on penile extenders is limited, devices that employ mechanical traction to gradually lengthen the penis produce effective and lasting results. You can read more about the researchers’ work here.

First Thoughts and Results

This product feels very convenient and you can easily wear it under your clothes without anyone noticing. This is an essential feature that differentiates SizeGenetics from its competition, because most extenders either feel too inconvenient or are impossible to wear outside without being too obvious under your clothes.

In the first 3 months, my penis had already increased by 0,5 inches! At the 6-month milestone, growth had surpassed the 1-inch mark by a little. I should point out that during the same period I was following the proposed exercise program too.

To my knowledge, the combination of the extender with the exercises is what brings results. I had the device on for some hours each day, 5 days each week.

I wore it as much as I during the first three months, not only in weekdays. I showed dedication and it paid off; 5 months later I grew by 1.1 inches! I was SPEECHLESS.

Wear and Comfort

SizeGenetics ultimate comfort system The company developed a proprietary 58-point structure using MDA technology to achieve a level of comfort never before seen in similar products. Of course, if you have never used an extender before, you will experience an initial discomfort that will quickly subside the more you use it.

You can take advantage of the provided pads and dual harness to ease the initial discomfort. In addition, the company has provided two additional tools to ease your first uses of their product: a wide silicone strap and a rubber tube. To my experience, it was quite helpful in mitigating the pinching and stretching sensation.

A problem I encountered way to often with other enlarging devices in the past, was that the head slipped out. SizeGenetics has foreseen it and included a method to prevent it from happening: the noose method, which is essentially a wide strap. Granted, it didn’t work 100% of the time, but it was a big improvement nonetheless.

Packing and Product Quality

The product is packaged with discretion in mind, although with premium quality. The case is made of a leather-like material and comes completely wrapped with plastic. The box is generic with no revealing features, so nobody can tell what’s inside. It can even be locked with a key, although I didn’t need to try it.

SizeGenetics Ultimate System package
SizeGenetics Ultimate System package. Click on image for larger image.

What’s more, a traveling case is also included, however it’s not a good idea to have it if you are going to be passing through any form of checks, e.g., a metal detector.

Moving on to the product itself, it looks like it’s constructed with high-endurance materials which is a good thing, as it increases the product’s convenience and endurance. You have to assemble it by yourself, which allows you to make adjustments according to your particular anatomical needs and tolerance threshold. I appreciated this particular feature a lot.

Included with the package are some traction powder, wipes for cleaning and a moisturizing cream to be used afterwards. The powder increases the friction between your penis and the straps and this prevents slipping. Although you can get powder and moisturizing products from the pharmacy, which you’ll be inevitably doing after these ones are gone, including them was very thoughtful, especially for beginners.

Straighten things out

SizeGenetics has gained a certification to be effectively used in order to straighten penises with a slight curvature.  To reap maximum benefits for this indication, you should follow the special exercises contained in the accompanying manual.

The company claims that the device brings results in a few-months-time, however, I have no comments to make because this issue didn’t apply to me.

Exercises for Health

PenisHealth DVD
Included in package, PenisHealth, enlargement exercise program.

This enlargement device is accompanied by some DVDs with training programs, a membership for PenisHealth and some e-books oriented around keeping your penis fit, with special training (e.g., kegel exercises) that increase blood circulation to the penile area.

Don’t look down on the PenisHealth membership; it comes with unlimited access to their web page as well as 34 unique exercises. For each of them, images and video clips are provided to show you exactly how to do them the correct way and reap maximum benefits.

Just as doing your weight training in the gym badly will not build you any muscle, enlarging and improving your penis’ strength is no different.

Discreet Shipping, Guarantee and Warranty

SizeGenetics comes with a 100% money back guarantee within the first 6 months. I really hoped that I wouldn’t have to use this option and, boy, was I glad that I didn’t. I believe that anyone who shows the same level of dedication with this product, in terms of using it for the recommended amount of time, as well as performing the special exercise, will have similar results.

As already mentioned, the product is shipped with discretion in mind, so rest assured that no funny looks will come your way. They also have local presence in the US, so expect to receive your order really soon.

Support, Community and Motivation

The most important thing during this journey is to keep negativity out and stay driven. Find a motive to keep you hungry for results; show dedication in your effort to achieve them; and shed negativity away if they don’t come as fast as you had hoped. Other people see results, so it’s simply a matter of time before you do too.

There are few things that can keep you going: join a forum and discuss with other users; snap some baseline photos to compare your progress to; keep a journal with how long you have the device on, the exercises you performed and regular measurements. These did wonders for me!

Support, forum participation and interaction, and progress logging were the factors that kept me in the game and the reasons that brought results; that’s why I am continuing with this for a long time.

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