Benefits of Increasing Bust Size, Bigger Bust

increasing bust size Increasing bust size actually adds a lot of benefits to a woman’s overall life. According to a study recently sent in to the Huffington Post, when women were asked if they’d rather have larger breasts or a higher IQ, 41% went with the boobs! Not all that surprising considering the most popular surgery in the world is breast-implants. We take boobs really seriously in this day and age, but what keeps the craze alive?

Regardless of how a woman’s bust is increased—surgery, pregnancy, or enhancement creams, like Brestrogen—the following 4 improvements are likely to grace her life.

The benefits of increasing bust size

1. Increased Confidence

Women who experience an increasing bust size almost always report a simultaneous increase in confidence. Breasts are a sex symbol, ingrained into our culture as a powerful weapon—therefore a surge in confidence seems rather logical.

There is a certain breast size that the media defines as ideal—pretty much anything perky that’s not flat as a board. When we look the way that popular media tells us is ‘beautiful,’ we start to feel better—regardless if this is only subconscious it is happening.

Not everyone will experience increased confidence with breast implants, in order to see if your confidence will increase, try massaging an enhancement cream, such as Brestrogen, into your breasts for the next few months, as your breasts swell and plump, you’ll be able to tell if breasts were the only thing clogging your self-confidence.

2. Improved Appearance

When you feel good about yourself you tend to look better. It’s a glow that we get about us, one that says we are happy and confident. Your smile will be more attractive, and so will the dimensions of your body; larger breasts make hips and waistlines appear smaller and more lady-like. This even causes clothes to fit better, not to mention your curves differentiate you and make you stand out in a crowd.

3. Enhanced Sex Life

Married, dating, or single, women who increase their bust size continually report that their sex life is dramatically improved. Since breasts are so sexual, having a large pair of your own will make you feel like a real sex kitten!! Lingerie is suddenly much more fun to wear, a great way to spice up your romance.

More confident women have a higher sex drive and are better able to relax and enjoy themselves in bed because they are not worrying about how their body looks.

4. Shopping Made Simple

It’s not just bathing suits that start to fit better after your breasts start to increase! Yet, for those with an A cup, bathing suits are one of the hardest things to find since most still leave your chest looking flat as a surf board. Padded bathing suits don’t do much if you have nothing to ‘push up’ in the first place.

Dresses are another clothing necessity that can be hard to fit if your boobs are too small—or too big. A small increase in breast size is highly recommended because you won’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe but your old one will look so much better on you!

When your life improves, so do you. The better that we feel about ourselves the more positive energy you put out into the world. What we put out, we get right back, and so while big boobs might seem like the last thing someone needs to improve self-confidence, they might do the trick better than anything else.

An improved sex life, an easier time shopping, and a higher self-confidence will overflow into how one goes about their every day, spilling benefits into all facets of their life.

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